When Jesus Christ sent his disciples out to preach the gospel , He knew that they would be as sheep among wolves. He also knew that wolves will employ tricks and subtleties to devour them. He therefore cautioned them to work circumspectly, particularly among the stiff-naked opponents of the Truth.

It becomes imperative therefore that Christians must employ wisdom in dealing with all untoward attacks; hence the Bible advises that we must be as wise as the old serpent.

From the ages, the persecutors of the Truth always have a tendency to operate in ignorance. But ignorance, wrong and error can not easily admit faults at crises. Their motive whirls like ill wind based upon wrong premise: misinformation and the satisfaction of self. However,

if we look inwards, in meditative reflection, we shall quickly realize that Love and Forgiveness are the only gifts no one can reject. Christian culture and the ethics of our religion demand love.

Jesus Christ, at the cross said : “ Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” Luke 23:34. I therefore urge my brothers and sisters suffering persecutions to forgive the persecutors.

It may be a very unpleasant experience and sometimes hard to endure. Be informed that persecution often serve as a necessary challenge to our faith in God for greater rewards. No true Christian is ever left alone by Satan and his human agents. Otherwise, Christians may become victims of spiritual slumber. Occasionally, they may wake up to make some official noise through the media, making people aware that they are still alive. A little moment, they may go back to sleep when there is an apparent peace while others are groaning in pains. This is spiritual myopia. It is a kind of Pharisaic religion.

I see a total commitment in what the Voice of the Christian Martyrs is doing in the face of extreme need for the survival of families who lost their loved ones. They work hard in silence and help to bring succor to the suffering lots. I have seen them in action in Kaduna, Kano, and Plateau State.

Persecution for Christ’s sake is not a strange phenomenon. Jesus Christ predicted it. He too suffered that we may live. What is demanded of us is to stand with those who suffer and render help. Persecution can not stop the growth of Christianity. It enhances its spread. But persecutors hate Christ.

John the Baptist was beheaded because he advised Herod not to take the wife of Philip, his brother. James, the half brother of Jesus was sawed like timber till he died. Tradition has it that the Apostle John escaped death from boiling oil. He was exiled to the Island of Patmos where he wrote the book of Revelation.

When you ponder over these things, you will see only the negative results of persecution contrary to what the persecutors may expect. Persecution certainly adds fruits to the Church. It strengthens the faith and serves as a reminder that we have not done enough.

Today we have the Voice of the Christian Martyrs which he founded. The Nigerian chapter is headed by Bro. Isaac Oluwole Netwon - Wusu. He serves the families of the persecuted Christians without discrimination. He is honest and hardworking. Sometimes he neglects himself to please the victims of the persecution. He is not easily attracted by the worldly fancies. He is a true Nigerian. He deserves every assistance to make life meaningful to the families of the unfortunate religious miscalculation which rears its ugly head at intervals in Nigeria.

At the moment, he is carrying the loads of 71 Special Nigeria Children who lost their parents during various riots in various part of this country, Nigeria. Please help the Voice of the Christian Martyrs to help others. May God bless you as you feel concerned for the needy.

Rev. Sunday U. Eshiett
Author / Publisher Lagos.