Jos in the past has always been an abode of rest. Many people knew this and have said so. Some people even plan to bring their family to live here in Jos. Jos is a quiet place. The weather is very good and it is conducive to health. But, recently people got attacked and killed in the church at Lantang, Wase and Shendam. Women had their head cut off. In Kano, innocent people got looted and harassed. Some got killed. Why? Because they were Christians. Religious leaders were there present. What did they do ? I do not know whether they endorsed the action.


The Lord had told us that we would be persecuted and killed for His sake. He gave us no permission to retaliate. Yet he said we should love them that hate us. He has said, the kingdom of heaven is ours if we endure as he did unto death.

Bro Isaac and his team at the Voice of the Christian Martyrs has been following the troubled areas consistently. I am aware of the efforts they have been making. (Especially in the north ) where Christians have always been persecuted and killed. Now they have taken about 19 children from Plateau State alone to train them, educate them and give them a befitting hope and future. These students lost their parents during religious crises.
They are up to 100 from various parts of the north, like Kaduna, Jos, and Kano.

Some thoughts that came to my mind are these:

1. These children are in Abeokuta for the help they need. When they grow up, some will become Technicians, Doctors others Businessmen and Politicians. One may ask : Who did for them what no one could do for them? Jesus Christ.

2. In the kind of country we find ourselves, where corruption, tribalism, wickedness are much prevalent, who cared for them? Jesus Christ and his followers.

3. When there is need to fight fellow Nigerians in the future, would these children participate? No. Why? Jesus Christ's sake.

My Thanks go to the Lord and his servants for this wonderful labour of faith. I have much pleasure to see the good works they are doing for the Lord and not just broadcasting their image in television and newspapers. They are doing what they do for the Lord's sake and that alone.

May the good Lord reward their works for these young ones, as they grow in the love of the Lord Amen.

Rev. Victor Musa (rtd). Jos.
Former President of Evangelical Church Of West Africa (ECWA)