Esther 4:14

I did not have the opportunity to see the courage of my people in Christ and to witness what happened to them in Kano, Kaduna, and Plateau state as I would have loved to. I have however been in association with Stephen Center International (SCI) Abeokuta which is an arm of The Voice of The Christian Martyrs an offshoot of the Ministry of the Persecuted Church for the last 2 years.


There is a lot to praise, thank and appreciate God for in mighty works of salvation being done by this organization. When Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour gave us the Great commission to bring souls to Him for salvation, it was a definite charge that the commission is to all corners of the world.

Recently, precisely in September 2004, 51 children, male and female were brought in and admitted into SCI, Abeokuta. These are children who early in their young lives are greatly traumatized and deprived. The trauma is severe and massive. How else do we qualify and quantify very young children in their most impressive and formative years witness their parents being tortured to death, for no reason at all, the innocent suffering, an unwarranted, and uncalled for killing, because of their FAITH. Where is individual liberty? So where is fundamental human right? Because of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we can not walk or talk freely! The parents have been butchered without any just cause and in the presence of their young children all in the name of religion! We can, as Christians, only pray for the perpetrators of this evil, barbaric and uncivilized act. But then we have a duty- a duty to the children who passed through this trauma, the children who very early in life, are deprived of the love and care of their parents.

We thank God for Stephen Centre International, Abeokuta and the mission of the Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria for giving HOPE to these innocent children when all seems lost. The children are now seeing love bestowed on them, smile and laughter is now on their lips. They now have food, shelter and clothing through Stephen Centre ,Abeokuta. We must however be mindful of the fact that a great deal still has to be done to bring life-real life-to these innocent children who have been deprived so early in life of the love of parents and whose faith are being severely tried.

Stephen Centre International, Abeokuta, alone can not fill the entire gap. The responsibility belong to all CHRISTIANS who sincerely belief and love the LORD JESUS CHRIST who said “For as long as you do it to one of this little ones, you do it unto me”. We must not relent in our effort to bring life and succor to these deprived and depraved little ones.

We must also remind all our people of all religious persuasions that we are children of the same Father and so pray for the unity of the universe. Abraham died and Isaac and Ishmael came together to bury him, because they came from the same father.

Prayer without works is nothing, so all of us, must give whatever we can to sustain these young ones in order to instill hope for a bright and great fulfilled life in them. May the great Lord Jesus, King of universe encompass our individual life to be able to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to the less privilege and deprived in our society to His eternal Glory.

Olori Yetunde Gbadebo, JP
“Court of Grace & Blessing”