Distribution Relief and books in Gassa Camp, Barkin Ladi.

Dear Brothers and Sisters

In Barkin Ladi local Government Plateau state brothers and sisters witnessed a massive scale attack by Fulani herdsmen in which many lives were lost in some villages within the LGA, The result of massacre led to people fleeing their homes and taking up refuge in Internally displaced persons (IDP) camps spread across Jos, south Local Government.

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Medical Needs At Stephens Children Home Abeokuta

Dear friends,

Thank you always for your help to our home. 

For those asking to help our home with medications, here are the needs for items needed in our clinic.

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I Made It, But, You Made Me

Some years ago, before I got acquainted with Facebook and other social media platforms, I received a letter from a Canadian Christian couple – Jim and Rosemary Mason (May they and theirs enjoy God’s beautiful friendship and blessings) – enquiring about my welfare after the incident of May 22 2000 and my aspirations for the future. I wrote back to them, intimating them of my new lease of life in Abeokuta and my desire to study Law and practise as a legal practitioner. They responded, but it was the last I heard from them but that letter is the most heart-warming I have ever received. They informed me that Legal Studies is long and difficult but that with determination and hard work I can achieve my dream. They assured me of their prayers.

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Luka Esther: Now a Graduate | Appreciates your Support

From Director’s Desk

Dear Brothers and Sisters

We are very thankful for your prayers and support to the children in our home.  We are happy to celebrate Esther Luka, on of our family of Martyrs.  Esther came along with her brothers who left our home after their secondary education.  Esther lost her mother while still at Stephens Children Home.  She was a good student and now one of our joy. We are grateful to all our friends and supporters who continue to be a channel of blessings to the Children at Stephens Children Home.  May the Lord Jesus bless you all.


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Gratitude: Nankpak now Serving

Dear Sir,

I trust God that you are doing well.

I have adapted well in the orientation camp. It had been quite exciting and educating too though also with stress. It has been more exciting with many of my school mates around. We wake up everyday by 3:30am and take out bath to get set for the day activities. Good enough we usually start the day with praises and prayers to God. Then, we have time for meditation and parades. Other exciting activities comes up in the day.

I am currently assisting at the camp clinic as medical laboratory scientist. I am so happy working in that capacity at camp as it build my experience to work. I also count it an opportunity to help my Corp members too. 


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