The killing of Southern Kaduna people who are Ninety percent (90%) Christians is increasing every day, the people there cannot go to farm due to the fear of unknown gun men. Anyone who dare go to farm alone will not come back alive no matter how strong he/she may be, because of this, the people of Southern Kaduna are now suffering hunger, starvation and poverty. Their sin is just because they are Christians.

The report here-in is the details of the pre-attack, attacks and the post-attack at Chawai Chiefdom of Kauru Local Government Area of Kaduna State. The Voice of the Christians Martyrs - Nigeria team visited the scene on 27th November, 2016 to gather a comprehensive report.

PRE-ATTACK: According to a resident of the affected villages Mr. Raphael Joshua who took us round the affected areas narrated that the unfortunate event started when few days to the attack a Fulani man alerted some people of the community that some group of persons are planning to attack the communities, the people took the issue to be mere rumour.

ATTACKS: On Sunday 13th November, 2016 at about 3:00pm (Nigeria time), when some of the villagers went to attend harvest and Bazaar of one of the Catholic Churches at the neighbouring village, this gun men suspected to be Fulanis attacked the villages killing people including women and children, set ablaze houses, burned food stuffs and domestic animals. Some of the villagers who were able to escape alerted their people attending the harvest and also alerted security personnel. Before the coming of the security these heartless people ran into the bush. They were not to be found.

The villages attacked included: Kishisho, Kigam, Unguwan Rimi, Kitakum, Unguwan Magaji, Unguwan Makera and Kiziti. The above mentioned villages are Ninety Five Percent (95%) Christians. We see it as religious attack because the Five Percent (5%) Muslims living in the communities were not touched, nor their people, houses, food or domestic animals was affected. 

The number of people killed at the above mentioned villages was counted to be Forty Seven (47) people including women and children. VCM-Nigeria team visit the two graves where the victims were buried. The total of Ninety Eight (98) houses burned down with no even a pin left, their food and domestic animals all burned to ashes.

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POST-ATTACK: After the attack the displaced people are now camping at St. Monica Catholic Church Kigam. We noticed that the most need of the people for now is food, clothes and blankets. The Kaduna State Government visited the communities but nothing tangible was given to them, they are now living by the grace of God.

They call on Christian brothers and sisters to come to their aid with anything that will reduce their suffering. The people have been traumatized and affected psychologically because of the ugly attacks and killing of their loved  ones to the extent that they don't trust anybody coming to the area anymore, anything that make a little sound they will start running. It will take these people a long period of time to come out of this trauma. 

 They are calling on Christians and individuals to please pray and come to assist them in any way possible. May God grant the souls of those killed eternal rest. Amen.

 Solomon Hilary Bako