My name is Timothy Barry, 11 years old from Jos, Plateau state.

In the year 2015, we were seated in the house when Fulani herdsmen raided our area, killing anyone they stumbled upon. We got a report from someone within our community who rushed to our house informing us of the Fulani raid.

The occupants of our house ran out for their lives, unfortunately for my family, there was no route of escape, so we decided to hide in our storeroom. When the extremists got to our house, they ransacked everywhere and forcefully opened the door to our storeroom where we were hiding. They shot my father in both legs and then on his back again, I watched him die afterwards. Having shot my father to death, they shot the remaining members of my family to death including my aunty, niece and cousins, I was equally shot at the back to which made me unconscious for sometimes until the Nigerian Army came to my rescue and rushed me to the hospital, by the time I regained consciousness, myself and my two brothers who fled the house earlier were the only surviving members of the family.

I was brought to Stephen Center International in the year 2016 and ever since I have been here, I have found peace like never before; I found a new family, and nice place to be. My profound appreciation goes to Rev Isaac Oluwole Newton Wusu (Big Uncle) for his love and care. A good thanks to my teachers too at the Stephen Center for their immeasurable knowledge impacted