The woman said the organization   support the family of the persecuted Christians and provides free education for the children. Later I was brought to Stephen children home. Initially I felt very uncomfortable and scared when I came to Abeokuta the environment was very strange and I met people with different characters, background, language and sense of reasoning.    

However, after sometime, I adapted and settled down to learn when I considered the wonderful opportunity that was granted unto me. I started from primary three and I have now completed my senior secondary school here in Stephen children home.

 My deepest appreciation goes to the almighty God for showing me so much mercy in my life and also making me to be in Stephen children home to study. I want to sincerely thank the director of the Stephen children home in person of Rev. Isaac Newton Wusu in whom without him my success is not complete. I also want to appreciate the Stephens Children Home  for laying a good foundation for my life. My appreciation also goes to the kind donors who have been visiting us and also encouraging us and also giving us a hope that there will be a better tomorrow for us in which we won’t have to suffer anymore. 

I scored 208 in my jamb and I want to study sociology in the university so as to help the people around me and also make them understand that there is a way even when we think there is no way because sometimes as flesh and blood we often think God is been unfair and give us more than our share. And I will be very happy if I have   sponsor.

I want to once again appreciate everyone around the world that has contributed to my stay in the Stephen children home and I also want to thank the director that he granted me this free education  and I wish I will be granted the opportunity to be sponsored to the university . Thank you may God bless you.