EFD Seminar " The Situation of Christians in Nigeria"

Islamist extremist violence has led to more than 900 deaths and many injured in the past few years under the Christian population in the northern part of Nigeria. This alarming situation triggered Members of the European Parliament (MEP) Belder and Dodds to undertake action. The violent acts towards Christians are committed by Boko Haram, an Islamist organization linked to Al Shabaab and Al Qaida and which main goal is to cleanse the area from Christians and to establish a sharia-rule based Islamist state.

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Dealing with Post-persecution Trauma


We are aware of the crisis that has engulfed northern Nigeria as a result of the Christians that have been martyred there. My concern when I came here is to assist widows affected by the crisis to receive emotional and spiritual healing and restoration. We have started this work in Jos and we hope that it will expand as time goes on.

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Religious Crisis in Nigeria: The Genesis

Religious crisis in Nigeria did not start over-night but has its roots in a systematic Islamic expansionist agenda for the nation. Nigerian Christians should not assume that the current wave of persecution of Christians in the northern parts of the country is an abnormality or an aberration in the pages of the nation’s history. Such views would be naive and tantamount to burying the head in the sand like an ostrich. Christians need to wake up and realize that a long conceived strategy has reached the stage of implementation. Only a concerted spiritual re-awakening can stem the tide of the onslaught that has been unleashed upon the Church in Nigeria.

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A Garden of Limbs

Situated in the middle of a dusty, hot compound, Nigeria, is the strangest garden to behold. In this garden there are no flowers, no vibrant petals or ripening fruits. Instead, blossoming from the earth under the beating rays of the African sun are plaster limbs. They protrude from the sand on metal poles, the stark white molds of severed legs. The curve of a thigh and the arch of a knee are visible upon closer inspection, testaments of the people they were cast from. The sight is unsettling at first, a garden of body parts casting morbid silhouettes against the blue sky. But for the persecuted Christians of Nigeria, it is a beautiful plot.

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Where is the Blood Stained Bible?

On Thursday 5th January 2012,  members of the Deeper Life Bible Church were having their regular prayer meeting when gunmen suspected to be members of the Islamic sect (Boko Haram), started shooting them through the window.

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