Greetings and thanks for remembering our work and children. We continue to host and trains children, and their mothers, brothers and Sisters family of Martyrs across the Northern Nigeria. We retain the numbers of Children to 300, While we send forth over dozen every year, more children are still coming to replace them as a result more unspeakable violence that continue to tear our nation


Mary and Mary In The Camp

Isaac saw two women in the camp who were both pregnant.  Eventually, both of them gave birth, each to a baby girl.  Each mother decided to call her own baby Mary.  When the crisis subsided, the refugees left the camp to their various homes to find out who was alive or dead in the family.  The two women also left the camp.  The death of others and the suffering of those who survived kept coming back to Isaac's mind.  He was restless on what line of action he should take to assist the suffering men, orphans, and women.

“I was challenged”.  Isaac said.

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We Worship at The Cost of Our Lives


  • How would you feel if you saw eight members of your family killed in your presence in one night, because of their faith?
  • Have you ever seen a human being slaughtered like a ram? His head completely cut off from his head?
  • Would it be considered jut for a man to stand in front of his house and armed men on motorcycle deliberately shoot because he is of a different religion from theirs?
  • Have you ever seen a 2 year old child brutally murdered? His head split into two with a machete simply because of the religion of his parents?
  • How would it feel to be living in an environment in which living and dying are the same?

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The Mystery of The Gospel of Christ

When St. Paul wrote from the prison to the Ephesians, he explained that the mystery of the gospel was withheld from the Prophets of old time. Jesus Christ brought the mystery and ade it possible for the Jews and the Gentiles to come together for the gospel age.

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