When The Uncommon Angel Knocked at Our Door

Dearly beloved,

It was in the hot noon, when I would have love to pull off my Buba (Yoruba shirt) that I enjoy putting on when a couple whose deep humility I can hardly describe walked into my office. 

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Remember Me

Gyang Pam, a 21years old young man is a native of Yiyoh village, Foron district in Barki Ladi L.G.A of Plateau State. He was shot by the Islamic Fulani terrorist at his home town, Yiyoh village, while on his way back from work. The Fulani terrorists numbering over thirty armed men stormed the Yiyoh villagers at about 12:00 in the afternoon and started shooting and destroying properties while chanting ‘Allahu Akbar,’ meaning Allah is great, and the villagers fled with their wives and children.

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Happy New Year To You Our Friend

The Commencement Of A New Year Always Promises New Abundance And Happiness

As The New Year Starts

Take time to pray...
It helps to bring God near and washes the dust of earth from your eyes.

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Threats from Garissa

Helen was born and raised in Nigeria and received her Master's Degree in Agriculture. She became a Christian while in high school and received her call to be a missionary while in university.

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Grateful As The End Nears

It is with a great sense of pride, humility, joy, sobriety and gratitude that I write this instinctive note. Sincerely, I cannot express how I feel right now.

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