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The Pastor's Wife

PastorswifeThe Pastor's Wife is Sabina Wurmbrand's true story of her efforts to get her husband released, her subsequent imprisonment and, above all, her unceasing efforts to help build a Christian underground church in restricted areas around the world.

For the truth is that the Communists to this day cannot tolerate genuine Christianity, and are still executing or imprisoning underground Christians. This is the urgent message of the Pastor's Wife.


Tortured for Christ

torturedforchristThe trial of persecution and cruelty that the Wurmbrands endured is as timely as the day this compelling work was written. The world over, Christians continue to suffer for their faith. Among their number are men and women of whose struggles we have yet to learn, but of whose travail Richard Wurmbrand has given us a searing, and ultimately redeeming, vision. ......Gary L. Bauer


Victorious Faith

FaithSail from tribulation into the peace giving waters of Christian faith and testimony. A voyage certain to refresh and inspire every person confronted with suffering.


The Oracles of God

oracleofGodExploring God's Wisdom about life: the unfamiliar and
the Spiritual.


Extreme Devotion

extremedevotionAre you up for a challenge? Then open this book and read just one of the 365 true accounts of men and women who totally sold out for Christ. See if it isn't unlike any other devotional you've ever read. Each story is true. Each story is unforgettable. Each story is extreme. Each story will change your life.Take the challenge today and see for yourself.


Hearts of Fire

heartsoffire"Either you marry or you die if you are a Christian then
there is no place for you in this city... You will die here alone."

Women have always been significant in the cause of Christ. Hearts of Fire thrillingly describes the work of eight women whose mission continues to be telling the world that He is risen, and with that resurrection comes love, grace, and forgiveness.


The Triumphant Church

triumphantchurchA three-part study from the writings of Richard wurmbrand, John Piper, and Milton Martin.

Through this handbook you will come into a deeper understanding of God's perspective of the persecution of His Body worldwide as well as how we as Christians can be prepared to face it. Expect to be challenged, yet
inspired...confronted, yet encouraged. Tested, yet edified. An excellent resource for Bible studies and sermons.

Answer to the Atheist: Hand Book

 Is there a God? The confrontation between Christianity and Communism. Wherever people know how to write, they have a holy book. The Communist world
has its Bible too, an Atheist's Handbook first issued in Moscow in 1961.  A summary of atheistic creeds, it is the collective work of specialist, has been  translated into many languages, reprinted many times and is widely distributed in  socialist countries. Its primary purpose is to show there is no God. Imprisoned by the Communists for fourteen years, Richard Wurmbrand answers the seven hundred  pages of denial, affirming the existence of God and eternal life, Biblical truth and human worth.


In God's Underground

Richard Wurmbrand, playboy turned preacher, was held for 14 years in Communist prisons. His jailers tried to force him to confess that he was part of an imperialist spy network. But in spite of beatings, torture, and drugging, his spirit did not break. For two years he was a patient in the 'death room' -so called because no other man had left it alive. Here, too, as a pastor he found his parish.
An unforgettable gallery of thieves, murders, saints and sinners shared his cell 'until each in turn passed through the gap of death.


From the Lips of the Childrens

ftloc"The Bible is meant for children. Only the children of Israel came out of slavery in Egypt; the grown-ups stayed behind. Only the children of God enter heaven. It will be a country without any grown-ups.' This observation by Richard Wurmbrand's grandson Alex is just one of the many delightful anecdotes  and children's sayings in this attractively illustrated volume, which challenges Christians to take seriously Jesus' teachings  that his followers must become like children. 'Some stories are amusing, some starling, some very moving, but all make us think about our faith. The anecdotal style could make this a useful source book.


Wurmbrand Sermon series and Mission films on CDs

1.Wurmbrand Sermon Series

  • a. The Faces of God (Richard Wurmbrand) 55 mins.
  • b. Preserve The Word ((Richard Wurmbrand) 60 mins.
  • c. No Other God (Richard Wurmbrand) 60 mins.
  • d. In Prison With Psalm 107 (Sabina Wurmbrand) 60 mins.

2. Faith Under Fire
3. Actions Of Love
4. The Communion Of Saints Under Fire
5. Speak Out 7x7