Director of Stephens Children HomeWelcome to Stephens Centre International (SCI), an arm of Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria, dedicated to Christians being persecuted around the world.

T.L Osborn spoke about a ship sailing to Australia. But along the high sea, the boat sunk. While everyone was afraid of the imminent end to their lives, a small girl of 6 years turned to the captain of the ship and pleaded “Captain, can you please save me?”

The captain with a lot of gold and silver had to decide immediately between the worldly materials and this little girl’s life. In a moment he backed the girl and swum to the shore.

The little girl with tears in her eyes, turned to the captain and said “Thank You For Saving Me” The captain responded that the simple word of gratefulness was greater to him beyond the golds and silvers of Australia. T.L Osborn asked; “When you reach the shore of heaven, how many people will rush towards you to say ‘Thank You For Saving My Life?’”

When our friend Gen. Zamani Lekwot (rtd) declared this institution opened  little did we know then that so many children whose parents were killed during various religious riots and their mothers and dependants  will today enjoy free and qualitative education at this centre located in strategic location across the nation.

In the beginning, the first eight children who came to the centre could hardly communicate in English. We therefore had to use our hands and eyes as special communicative signs. Today, the least of them do understand and can speak Yoruba, English and their mother tongue very well. The recent riots, in the northern region has added to the number of our children. We now host well over 300 children from all over the region. The story of Stephens Children Home continue to ignite the conscience of each one of us, who should learn to use our faith and religious belief to do good, rather than causing unnecessary sorrow and hardship for our fellow men. As you read through our story, may the Lord challenge you to stand up with our cause for those who are being persecuted for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev. Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu
(Director Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria)