I cannot remember exactly when I read the first materials from the Voice of the Christian Martyrs, but it is quite a long time, over a decade. From their materials, I discovered that we have all been enjoying the benefit of Christianity, often forgetting the countless courageous believers who laid down their lives for the cause. It has been the blood of these precious saints of Christ that has watered the harvest fields and accelerated the growth of Christianity around the world.


However, it is harrowingly amazing as new century dawns; the persecution of believers globally is greater today than ever before. Information, materials and pictures from Voice of the Christian Martyrs concerning the persecuted ones, will either bend or break serious Christians searching for the truth. On several occasions, some of their materials made my heart bleed and I weep physically. I am not writing as someone who is too emotional.

This is an organisation that is working to encourage churches and persecuted Christian families. They provide help and succour to widows; distribute Bibles, books and educational materials and truck loads of food to the persecuted ones.

Above all, they provide free accommodation, feeding, clothing and qualitative education for 71 children whose lives would have been truncated by the devastating losses of their parents following the religious riots in Kaduna, Kano and Jos.

I have personally distributed thousands of their bulletins and books.

This is simply because these materials have challenged me as an individual to radical commitment to Christ. From their brochures, I have read about people who gave much, including their lives for their faith in God. I have been unutterably inspired by their testimonies. Sincerely speaking, the Voice of the Christian Martyrs must have seen an aspect of reality which many of us calling ourselves Christians today are yet to be aware of. Sowing to them to enhance this worthy cause is a fertile ground which yields eternal dividends.

Therefore, I have no iota of reservation to recommend them to my brothers and sisters in Christ and all other concerned individuals to assist and help the work of the Lord to which they are committed.

Pastor Joel Oke
Acting Assistant Directorate of Mission
Redeemed Christian Church of God