During my 40 months incarceration by the forces of injustice and retrogression, the tons of letters and cards I received from all over the world - expressing commiserations on my plight - were heartwarming and a pleasant surprise. The messages they carried with inspiring quotations from the Holy Bible truly assuaged my anguish and encouraged me to resist the persecution which the atrocious conditions in the cooler visited on my psyche and the will to live.


It is gratifying to testify, that the hope and confidence which such messages brought to me brought me much closer to the Lord for my own good than hitherto. I kept on wondering as to how so many believers in the world knew so much about our plight in Zangon Kataf to the point of the timely action they took which in large measure contributed to our surviving the 40 months of hell in the cooler from May, 1992 - September, 1995.

My thoughts were however put to rest with gusto on 20th October, 1995, when I received, in my Kaduna home, a delegation from the Nigerian Chapter of the Voice of the Christian Martyrs led by their leader Bro. Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu. They told me in graphic details how they had been moved by the injustice meted out to my people in the wake of the 1992 Zangon Kataf crises sequel to which the entire Kataf Leaders including their respected Traditional Rulers and the elites were detained and later charged to a Kangaroo Tribunal and Condemned to death without a fair hearing.

They then fed the information to the world through their network with very positive results. The concomitant pressure on the irresponsible government of the day by the indomitable court of public opinion, inspired by the Lord, led to our death sentences being commuted to various prison terms for which, in deep appreciation, we give God the glory.

The Nigerian Chapter under the able leadership of Bro. Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu has given an excellent account of itself here in this regard. For instance, the college they established in Abeokuta from Nursery through Primary and secondary with a complete compliment of staff and modern facilities provides an excellent training ground for our children today but the leaders of tomorrow, nationwide. Most of the students, now 100 plus in number, are indigent orphans of the various religious riots in which their parents perished. These students from the Northern States are particularly from Kano, Kaduna, and Jos. In the year 2002, they established a Vocational Centre in the Kaduna metropolis.

Moreover, following the various religious riots here in the North since 1992, the Voice of the Christian Martyrs has always assisted the victims with food, drugs, blankets, clothing and money to assuage their anguish. On two occasions I can recall, they contributed money to the different denominations for the rehabilitation of the burnt Churches. They visited Kano and Yelwa two times this year to render the same service to the needy following the recent riots there. In Zangon Kataf and Kaura Local Governments, they supplied a computer and books for the Tyap Bible Translation Programme and hospital equipment for the Buga Memorial Hospital Kagoro respectively. All told, Isaac and his team have done very well here beyond the call of duty for which I heartily congratulate them. In the light of all said and done, I urge the government, private companies, non-governmental organisations, churches and the well-to-do in the land, to assist them in cash and kind for more commendable service in the Lord's Vineyard please.

May God continue to guide, enrich and crown their efforts with success in Jesus' name. Amen.

General Zamani Lekwot, mni (rtd)