Get Involved

1. Pray and ask your Church to pray for the work of our

2. Support specific projects of our mission financially.

3. Inform your friends about our children and arrange a 
    visit to our hostel to see Stephens Children Home.

3. Our children need food, clothes and medication, Please
    help to provide good future for this wonderful Children.

4. Distribute our books and newsletters in your Church 
    and groups.

5. Arrange to show our films and visuals in your Church
    and groups.

Partners And Supporters Corner

We wish to thank all our numerous partners and supporters for the great encouragement and assistance that we have received from them for this ministry to the persecuted Church.

Please feel free to call



If you will like to make donation to our mission work. Here are our account details

Account Name: Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria
Account No: 1010319966
Bank: Zenith Bank PLC

Account Name: Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria
Account No.: 0022017274

Or you can log on to ...

How You Can Be of Help


Collect CDs from Voice of The Christian Martyrs on the situation in the North and show it to members of your family, members of your church, friends, fellowship members and colleagues.

You can collect Newsletters of Voice of the Christian Martyrs as well as subscribe to regular online copies to keep abreast of developments in areas where Christians face persecutions. The materials can be forwarded to everyone that you know.

Now that you know, inform others.

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