Collect CDs from Voice of The Christian Martyrs on the situation in the North and show it to members of your family, members of your church, friends, fellowship members and colleagues.

You can collect Newsletters of Voice of the Christian Martyrs as well as subscribe to regular online copies to keep abreast of developments in areas where Christians face persecutions. The materials can be forwarded to everyone that you know.

Now that you know, inform others.


  • Pray, and encourage other Christians to pray for the persecuted Christians
  • Mobilize your church to pray for the persecuted brethren, particularly at every prayer meeting and during vigils
  • Encourage your Church as well as other individuals to support the persecuted brethren with their resources.

“…plead the cause of the poor and the needy” Prov. 31:9


While we appreciate that some ministries have been assisting the persecuted brethren, much of that assistance has been denomination based. To ensure that a broad spectrum of Christians in the North is reached with support, it is necessary to utilize a non-denominational structure.

The Voice of Martyrs has been supporting persecuted Christians worldwide since 1967. In Nigeria, the organization has established an effective network to reach persecuted Christians and has established a reputation for integrity and effectiveness.

Support for the persecuted brethren can be channeled through the Voice of Christian Martyrs.