I was attacked by Boko Haram Islamic terrorists who wanted to kill me, but God by His power, rescued me. I have seen God manifest His power. They attacked me in December 2012 around 9.30 pm. I had locked my door but they came in through my Muslim neighbour's door.

They came in and broke the door by force. I was asleep with my Bible beside me.  I was startled and I asked them what they wanted. They said, “Ok, where is the Pastor?” So I asked them again what they wanted? They tied my hand and they started to pilfer my room, they took all that they could take and asked me to come out of the room. They said, “Now we are going to slaughter you”. I said, “No problem”, because my prayer before then was, “Let the will of God be done. If God wants me to die, then I will die, but if he wants me to live, there  is nobody that can take my life”. Graciously, God has decided  that  after  all they have done to me I will still live again.    

They called the others that they have now surrounded the house that they can come in. Their companions were waiting outside the fence so that if I tried to escape that way they will capture me. Each of them came with guns, dagger and other weapons. Then they jumped into the compound, four of them were standing on my leg, another person was standing on my hands which were tied to my back and yet another pinned my head to the ground with his legs. One of them from the group who was going to do the slaughtering removed the knife from the sheath somewhere in his legs where he has hidden it. He started cutting from one side of my neck through to the other side; he kept cutting and cut through to my shoulder. Another person who was supervising the cutting told him to cut from the front so, as I turned my head, he put the knife through my mouth and began to tear it. I was conscious throughout this time; I was seeing and hearing everything they were saying. The jugular vein had been cut so blood was gushing out in full force, I could hear the sound of the rushing blood, so they thought that I will bleed to death. They commented that this man was already dead. The blood had drenched me and they left me there to bleed to death.  

God in His amazing wonder helped me to get up. The way I got up is amazing, I cannot even explain how I got up but I was able to get up and walk through the door, the door was already opened since they broke it to come in. As I came out, I met them at the door with a motorcycle that they had taken from the compound, they were struggling to start the machine. When they saw me they were surprised that I could still be alive, despite all that they had done. So they took to their heels but when they got to a safe distance, they stopped to look at me. I walked to my neighbour's door who was their ally and began knocking at his door and saying “please come out and loose my hands”.

I said this repeatedly and very reluctantly he came out. He shone his torch on my face and saw that I was drenched in blood. Instead of loosening my hands, he went over to talkwith the Boko Haram attackers. He came back after about 10 minutes and told me to go back to my room and sleep.

He knew fully well that it would have  been a sleep of death. I pleaded with him to loose my hands, but he refused. His wife also pleaded on my behalf and she started shouting, “they have slaughtered our Christian neighbour,  please loose his hands”.  It was his wife that finally compelled him to get a knife and cut the rope that was used to tie my hands.

After he cut the rope, the Lord in His infinite mercy gave me grace to go into my room and I discovered that they left a shirt on my hanger. I took it and wrapped it round my neck to stop the bleeding, but the shirt was soon drenched by the blood.
As I came out of my room, I saw the Boko Haram militants moving in the direction of other Christians living in the neighbourhood.  God enabled me to alert them that the men should run because the militants were around. I went round the houses of the Christians before I went to the palace.

When I got to the palace, people ran away and closed the gate. The king asked me where this tragedy occurred and I told him in my room. He knows the distance from the location of my house to the palace which is about 2 kilometres. He was totally surprised how I managed to get to his palace. What shocked him more was the brutality of the cut on my neck yet I was still alive and walking.  He called the Local Government headquarters and described to them the state that I was in. The people at the Local Government refused to come that night. They were sure I will die.

Eventually, we were able to get the Joint Task Force and they came around 5 a.m. When the security officers saw me, they were surprised that I was still alive. At this point the blood had stopped flowing and it seemed that all the blood in my body had flowed out, yet, I was alive and walking around. They took me to the Emergency Unit and I became a spectacle to the Muslims there. I could sit and stand, so they began to wonder how I could do that. I told them it is not by my power but the power of God, whom I serve. With all that I have gone through, I should have died but He is the One living in me. All the Muslim medical personnel ignored me.

I was unattended to till 8 a.m. when a Christian nurse resumed duty. She was able to contact my village so my people came to meet me there. Doctors from Maiduguri Teaching  Hospital also came and saw me, when they examined me, they told my people that I will not live. I had not been transfused with blood and they all marvelled that I was still alive.
When one of my Pastors came, he told the doctors to attend to me because I might live. He said if God wanted me dead, I should have been dead by now. but since I am still alive, I should be treated. It was only then that they commenced treatment on me and I was finally transfused with blood.

What is Brother Yakubu doing now?

I hawk medications to people and nomadic Fulanis. I am a trained teacher but in Yobe State, Christians are denied employment in the state civil service. I hope to further my studies on education while doing some work by the side so that I will not become a burden to anyone.

I also plan to become a missionary and go about telling other people what the Lord has done for me and the salvation that He has provided for them. If man misses heaven he is a loser on every side.