Good news from Yola, Adamawa State. We decided to make a difference this year. We were looking forward to days like this when some of our children now in the Universities get into the picture of our activities. The children now adults passing out this year escorted trailers loading our reliefs and Christmas cares items into various locations in the North.

So far the duo of Godswill Elisha and Adua Bitrus were in Yola, while Thoma Davou and Sineme Danjuma were in Gombe. They were able to get the children right at their point, chatting with them in Hausa and telling them the stories of Jesus and their past as well.

This is the first distribution in the North East City of Yola, where thousands of children were displaced and many still waiting to see their parents who are now lost. We pray and hope these displaced children find their parents someday. 

Godswill will be graduating as a lawyer in three semesters and Adua is studying International relations. He is a year three students.

The second distributions was done in Gombe and report will soon follow with Kaduna and Kano after. 

Thanks to VOM USA for making Christmas Care available to the displaced Children in these area.