Sunday is also a dedicated member with E.R.C.C. He was shot by Fulani gunmen close to Kona-Togo in Sanga L.G.A of Kaduna State on the 27th of July, 2015.

The incident took place at about 8:15am in the morning while the 42years old man was driving to work in the company of two of his colleagues. Unfortunately, Sunday drove into an ambush of the Fulani gunmen who perhaps were returning from a raid in some communities. The Fulani gunmen opened fire on him and shot him twice, one on the buttocks and another on his palm.

Also they shot and killed one of Sunday’s colleagues in the vehicle at that time, and then the Fulani gunmen then ran away. Sunday was rescued and taken to the hospital where he was given a preliminary medical care before he was transferred to another hospital in Jos where he was admitted and given adequate medical treatment.

‘Kona-Togo’ meaning Togo bend is a deadly place because the Fulani gunmen often waylaid and attack Christian because of their faith. Sunday was diagnosed with gunshot injuries and the bullet in the buttock has been removed while the arm injury is a to and tro injury and he is still receiving more care in the hospital.