The situation was pathetic as thousands of Internally Displaced Christians arrived in Yola, Adamawa state. Many of them trekked for three days. Some had fled from Gwoza to Michika, from Michika they were pursued by Boko Haram to Mubi only to flee again to Yola when the insurgents attacked Mubi. As the displaced persons arrived Yola, their first port of call was at the Eklisiya Yan’uwa A Nigeria, EYN, (Church of the Brethren) located at the entrance of the city.

The Christian brethren responded with donations of food and materials. However, feeding  over 3,000 people proved to be a daunting task and the church ran out of food. For two days it could not provide food for the displaced persons which included 200 children that trekked from Mubi. A very touching case was the 47 children that arrived at the EYN church in Yola without their parents. In the confusion, they were separated from both father and mother. They trekked for three days from Mubi to Yola (198 km) and arrived hungry and tired in the church only to be informed that there was no food. God in His kindness timed their arrival with the visit of the staff of the Voice of Christian Martyrs. From the generous donation of Christians, N1.6 million was immediately released from the head office in Lagos. N1 million was to purchase food stuffs while 600,000.00 was earmarked as transportation support for the people who wished to proceed to other locations to seek refuge with relatives. Many of the Christians arrived with only the clothes they were wearing Special thanks go to all the Christians supporting our brethren, and in particular, the Burden Bearers of the Anglican Communion. Thank you for supporting the persecuted Christians.

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