It is with a great sense of pride, humility, joy, sobriety and gratitude that I write this instinctive note. Sincerely, I cannot express how I feel right now.

On Thursday 15th October 2015, I wrote my final examinations for the fourth year of my five years program in Law. To the glory of God.

In few days time, I would submit the proposed topics of my long essays for the faculty board to deliberate upon, select a topic from the three and assign a supervisor that will guide me in the academic exercise. Just so you know, these are the topics I have decided to write on:

  • Nigeria’s War Against Sectarian Violence, Insurgency and Terrorism: Law as a veritable weapon

  • An Enquiry Into the Nature of Nigerian Customary Laws: A case study of Yoruba customary laws as a microcosm of all non-Islamic customary laws

  • White Collar Crimes in Nigeria: A legal perspective

After the submission of the topics, I hope to set off to the North for a couple of weeks to acquaint myself with all records of sectarian violence that have rocked that part of the country. Before then, The Wigs Class of 2011-2016 (my set) is going on excursion to the hallowed chambers of the Ogun state House of Assembly, the High Court of Ogun state before concluding with a trip to some places in Lagos. I must admit, I am looking forward to the days ahead with great pleasure.

In Africa, our elders have a saying that ‘a river that forgets its source will definitely dry up’. I am very conscious of the fact that I have been able to attain my current height because of your tremendous support, my dear friends. I am sincerely grateful to the Stephens Children Home Abeokuta, Stephen Centre International, Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria and by extension all their benefactors and supporters in Nigeria and beyond the borders and shores of my beloved country.

I am indebted to those who have been courageous enough to drag me to the right path, each time I am wandering astray. Verily, you are my true friends! Your actions have shaped my life for the good.

I am cognizant of the fact that I have offended a lot of friends in the past by words, thoughts, acts and omissions both knowingly and unknowingly. I humbly plead for your mercy and forgiveness. The evil I do is not a definition of the person I am, rather, it is a testament of the human that I am and the inherent weaknesses of the flesh that I contend with daily.

The end has not yet come. The finish line is still way ahead of me. On my own, I cannot finish the race. Alone, I cannot climb the mountain. I cannot emerge victorious from the battleground if you allow me to take on the ‘sea of troubles’ alone. You have been with me from the onset and it is the reason why I have been able to achieve this height that a lot of people can only dream of in Nigeria. It is my belief that you will stay with me and the entire Stephens Children as we struggle to make our lives meaningful and in service to humanity and worship to God.

I am very grateful for your spiritual and corporal support. How I wish I know a better way of showing gratitude. I proclaim in the words of American Country great, Don Williams - ‘How sweet it is to be loved by you’. Your cups of water will bring you a great reward.

Thank you and God bless you

 Godswill Elisha is our only law student that we have supported from primary school till date.  Thank God he will finish soon.