When St. Paul wrote from the prison to the Ephesians, he explained that the mystery of the gospel was withheld from the Prophets of old time. Jesus Christ brought the mystery and ade it possible for the Jews and the Gentiles to come together for the gospel age.

In the beginning, God kept this mystery, otherwise, grace, in His own heart but, chose to reveal it through His beloved Son, Jesus, the Christ. God made it possible for this grace to abound in the heart of whosoever believes on the Son.
The evidence of grace in a willing heart is love, joy, thanksgivings, forgiveness and light. Grace removes the shackles of sin and substitutes them with happiness and longevity. The mystery of the gospel is a puzzle to unbelievers because among other things, it curtails unnecessary struggles to render evil for evil. Grace in the heart gives no room for retaliation, and malice and it does not aid a man to dwell in concealed sorcery, discrimination and to offer railing for railing!

Instead, the mystery of the gospel offers forgiveness and love to our enemies. Christian pleads with God for the blood of Jesus to cleanse the enemies’hearts and turn them to follow the path of righteousness. A true Christian is a peculiar and mysterious person. He sets his affections on things above. He does not relish on temporal things glittering around him on earth.

A Christian relies more on God's assurance that the threats of the world can not land a deadly blow. He is a child of the Almighty Father who cares for him. “A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked” Psalm 91:7-8 Oxford NIVScofield Bible.

Victims of religious riots have natural reasons to seek reprisal against the murderers of their beloved ones. But they must not. If they engage in this wrong mode of thinking, they shall succeed in living as miserable wreths because their minds shall become clouded by the evils of revenge, which in turn makes them sorrowful always and to live a long distance from joy and happiness. A revengeful person hates without reason. He is angry at himself, even his colleagues and other neighbours.

We have seen this mystery, or grace radiating love in the lives of widows who lost their husbands in the name of religion. They have forgiven every adversary. Now they rejoice for the opportunity the Voice of the Christian Martyrs have offered them in kind and in cash, and by the training of their orphans. Their testimonies testify to their joy, and to the happiness of those who assisted them. We feature some of them in this newsletter and call it “From Sorrow to Joy”.

Boko Haram issue is gradually becoming a regular feature at Borno and Bauchi States of Nigeria. It is the wish of everyone that the government would face their challenge seriously to avoid the lost of lives and property. You can also think of the way to help the victims who survived.

Stephen Centre International at Abeokuta in Ogun State of Nigeria is busy training the orphans who lost their breadwinners in one or several crises. Last July 2010, a greater percentage of those who completed their Senior Secondary School studies, graduated.

We featured some of them and what their teachers say. The team of the Voice of the Christian Martyrs have visited Dogo Nahawa several times to assist the victims of what we call “Genocide at Dogo Nahawa”. Read about them and decide which way you can contribute to help them and for peace in Plateau State in particular and Nigeria in general.

Rev. Sunday U. Eshiett