Interviewer: What were you each doing at the time Boko Haram attack?

Response: I was at the office when I received a call that Boko Haram are entering Mubi town and my sister asked me to pick her children (3) alongside mine (4).

Interviewer: Please name all the members of your family who were together during the attack and their ages.

Response: Peace, Hyelda, Wandiya, Praise, Evelyn, Elsa and Anison

Interviewer: What do you remember of the attack?

Response: When we were attacked we were asked if we are Christians or Mulisms and I responded that we are Christians, they (Boko Haram) said if we agree to turn to Islam we will be given hijap as a sign of our new faith. We did not respond, our attackers picked us and took us to a house and started preaching Islam, that what we were being told in Churches are not true, that Christianity is a false religion, that only is the true religion. The preaching continued but we uttered no word.

Interviewer: What were you thinking when you realised it was Boko Haram?

Response: I once thought that even if I should be captured by Boko Haram I will never deny my faith in Christ Jesus. So when we met them my mind was made up beforehand since I know who I serve.

Interviewer: When they asked you your religion, why did you stand firm and say you were Christian?

Response: Because I knew whom I am serving.

Interviewer: Were you worried what would happen after you said you were Christian?

Response: No.

Interviewer: What were you thinking when they said you must convert to Islam?

Response: I only remembered what Jesus told Peter that before the cock crow three times you will deny me, and encouraged me not to deny Jesus like Peter did.

Interviewer: After you were taken to a house, Boko Haram killed Regina’s oldest son? What was his name? How old was he? How did they kill him?

Response: His name was Hyelda Wilson. He was 16yrs. They slit his throat will a sword (big knife).

Interviewer: Who else did they kill at that time? How many other men? How were they killed?

Response: One of my neighbour was among three men killed at that time, they were slaughtered like rams.

Interviewer: Did they give them chance to convert before they killed them?

Response: No.

Interviewer: You tried to hide these men, including your son, why?

Response: I thought they could get a chance to run for their life.

Interviewer: I know it’s difficult to relive that moment, but what were you thinking or feeling when you saw you son killed?

Response: At the time I saw my son killed it pains me so much, but I thank God he died a Christian. My son is strong in the Lord, he knew God and when I remembered that John the Baptist was cut into pieces I knew that it is the scripture that is fulfilling, so I give God the glory for that.

Interviewer: How did that moment affect your faith?

Response: At that moment I felt so bad, I almost became mad, any moment I talk to you about it in 5 minutes time it appear to me that I do not know if I did talked or I did anything, I felt some mental in-balance, I felt as if it affects me mentally, but with prayers I am copping well and getting better day by day.
Interviewer: What were you thinking when the military came and dropped bombs?

Response: When they dropped the bombs I thought we are all dead and all of us fainted.

Interviewer: How long did this happen after your son was killed? How many hours?

Response: One day after my son was killed, that is 24 hours after his death?

Interviewer: How many Boko Haram soldiers were there? How many died?

Response: They are to 10 that were guarding us and two of them were women, they are many that we cannot count, they do come in and out of the house we were kept, I saw 2 male and 1 female (Boko Haram) soldiers dead. These 3 dead was what I saw.

Interviewer: What happened after the bombs were dropped? Who was hurt? How did you leave? Did you see injured Boko Haram soldiers? Did a lot of innocent people died?

Response: All of us fainted. All of the children were hurt, my Praise’ eye boasted out, Wandiya had problem her leg tendon, eyes, hands; Evelyn’s leg was amputated by the Boko Haram as a result of the bomb blast. I was there and we did not see any Boko Haram soldier injured. Yes a lot of innocent people died.

Interviewer: What were you thinking when you first saw Praise’s injury, especially her eye? Did she have other injuries?

Response: My heart bled, I gave birth to a healthy child but because of Boko Haram my child will live now without an eye. No, is only the eye.

Interviewer: What about Wandiya’s injuries? How bad were they?

Response: Wandiya’s injury is too bad because his tendon was affected badly. One of his eye is having problem.

Interview: How did you find Praise and Wandiya after the attack?

Response: After the bomb we all fainted when we wake after sometime I started calling their names one after the other unconsciously, then I noticed that Praise was closed to me, later I discovered that Wandiya too is close to me, only my daughter was missing, she was still unconscious, that was how we started running and Wandiya said I should pray for him and that I should leave him behind to die so that I can escape with the other children because the injuries he sustained were so bad. I prayed with him and we left.

Interviewer: How did you get her to the hospital? How far away was it?

Response: We followed through the bush from Mubi to FMC Yola about 200 – 270km through the bush and mountain.

Interviewer: How did she get to the hospital? When? What did they say about her condition?

Response: We got to the hospital after 48hrs, 1st November, 2014. When they dressed the wound they told us that we should look for an Orthopaedic doctor to treat him, that it is too difficult for them.

Interviewer: How is she doing today?

Response: He is picking up. The leg is getting better only the eye that is the problem for now. The eye needed some drugs to relieve him of the pain, he can’t see with the eye. He only use one to see for now.

Interviewer: What were Wandiya’s injuries?

Response: Leg tendon and eye problem (injuries)

Interviewer: How is he doing today?

Response: He is picking up. The leg is getting better only the eye that is the problem for now. The eye needed some drugs to relieve him of the pain, he can’t see with the eye. He only use one to see for now.

Interviewer: Other Children – were they injured? What other children were there?

Response: Only one of them was injured. Yes there were so many children there too. Only one other child that has injured his chin and the Boko Haram treated him.

Interviewer: The report said nobody heard about “the other children” for almost a month.

Response: Yes, I have my missing daughter uptil today she is 18yrs old (Peace)

Interviewer: What happened to these children?

Response: Some of them have gun shots on them, some their hands were cut off, and some as the result of the bomb blast they were injured on their legs.

Interviewer: How did you learn about them?

Response: There was a woman that entered Mubi to check her house as she was walking, my son Wandiya said her identify her and called her name that is how she brought him to me in Yola the state capital.

Interviewer: Was Wandiya one of these missing children?

Response: No, after the bomb blast episode he pleaded I should pray for him and leave him to die so that I and the other children can escape so that is how I prayed for him and left him.

Interviewer: So after the bomb blast members of Boko Haram took some of the children and cared for them?

Response: Yes they took some of them and treated them and gave some of them were given Islamic dress to wear.

Interviewer: Where they being taken care of by a Boko Haram wife while they were missing? What happen to her?

Response: Yes

Interviewer: Looking back, what are your thoughts on everything? Do you think God saves everyone?

Response: I thought that Boko Haram came only for me, because my eldest daughter is missing till today, my children were injured and as a result I almost paralysed because of so many thoughts running through my mind.

Interviewer: How is your faith?

Response: After deep breath, Mrs. Regina continued, my faith is strong. I am strong in the Lord, I will keep trusting him the more and keep holding unto him.

Interviewer: If you could go back, would you still say you were a Christian when they asked if you were?

Response: Without any delay “Yes”

Interviewer: What do you think of the attackers? Could you ever forgive them?

Response: As a Christian, I will forgive them but it is not easy to forget. Because God said if some hurt you, you should forgive that person, so I have forgiven them, but to forget will be too hard.