The end of a semester affords a reasonable mind a time for retrospection. It is within such a time that I now bask. However, I refuse to be consumed in the fire of the mirth that the time affords. I will spend this Christmas recalling the generosity and kind acts that I have benefited from and it is upon such a theme that I now spill my ink and punch my keyboard.

We are honoured to be beneficiaries of the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship scheme. Being victims of various religious crises in Northern Nigeria, depending on the level at which a ward was, some of us were sponsored throughout primary and secondary school while some throughout secondary school years at the Stephen Centre International. There still remain over two hundred and fifty children in the primary and secondary school hoping for brighter future. It was a great pleasure being at the Stephens Children Home Abeokuta where the students are fully catered for in our academics, clothing, food and our spiritual life. The home has since then remained our home even after secondary school education some of us still live there.

A man of love and passion for the persecuted (Rev. Isaac Wusu) took it upon himself to see to the welfare of the children of martyrs who have lost one or both of their parents to the various religious crises that have demarked Northern Nigeria. This has been achieved to a great extend with the help of kind hearted people from various backgrounds.

Well, his vision is to educate us and make us agents of change and transformation that would create a better Nigeria and a world that is peaceful and safe for everyone to live as one irrespective of our differences. Considering the cost of establishing a tertiary institution and the cost of qualitative tertiary education in Nigeria, a question that was on the lips of people is: What happens after secondary school education? Does our education end there? Who is then responsible for the higher education? I will say people with kind heart, great vision, agents of transformation, lovers of God, and lovers of men. This is what we have seen in Bishop David Oyedepo who is currently sponsoring seven (7) of us under the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship scheme at the prestigious Landmark University, Omu-Aran, Kwara state.



We are highly privileged to be recipients of the David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship which covers hundred percent of our tuition fees, hostel accommodation, medical care, a laptop with monthly stipend is a rare type of scholarship which can barely be found anywhere. This has helped us to be focus on our education without thinking about paying any fee. The scholarship is also a well packaged one that has really being impactful through the community development program and volunteer service. This has helped us in contributing to our community positively and to also lend in rendering free service to humanity. It has really built our mental capacity to a great extent.

Studying in Landmark University so far has being a great adventure. The school provides serene and conducive environment for studies. The school operates on strict rules and regulations which does not give room to any ‘mess’ as it is in conventional institution of higher learning. Yes! I say strict rules. This is because great leaders and mighty men of transformation are built basically on discipline. The rules have not being difficult for us to comply with because it is very similar to the ones we had in our secondary school. This has been keeping us in the right path and to remain focus.

It has always been my dream and prayer to study in a good academic environment like this and to the glory of God such dream is a reality for me today.

Apart from the fact that some of us are enjoying scholarship, this benevolent foundation has made it a monthly commitment to supply the home with a lot of support materials such as food, toiletries and stationery. This has greatly help to minimize the cost of running the home. It has also helped in providing the pupils’ daily needs.

All the David Oyedepo Foundation scholars from Stephens Children Home, Abeokuta wish to express our deepest gratitude to the foundation for their immense help and contribution to our future and wellbeing. We truly appreciate your continuous support and your very generous donation, your contribution will greatly help us develop and succeed in our good endeavours.

Without your involvement and generosity, we might not have been able to aim high and reach our potential. Thank you again for your generous and continuous support.

I deem it fit at this time to call upon the body of Christ, corporate organizations and private individuals to stand up and help secure a child’s future today. Change a child’s pessimistic situation to an optimistic one, give us hope for a better tomorrow, help us to build a better nation for the coming generation.

Help a child today and build a better nation tomorrow. There is no help that is too little as long as it is from a loving and caring heart.


Nankpak Kumzwan and friends,

Landmark University, Omu-Aran.