Eunice Adi is a little girl of 2 years old, who was happily growing with her mother in their village of Kigam in Kizikoro district of Kauru Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

On 13th November, 2016. Which happens to coincide with IDOP, Kizikoro district (99% Christians) was invaded by the Fulani herdsmen, killing 47 people, over 100 houses were burnt down and two churches were also destroyed.

Eunice's Village, Kigam, was one of the seven villages that were attacked, but they suffered the highest torture from these heartless extremists who claim they are fighting for Allah. On this faithful day, Eunice - who can already walk - met her greatest challenge.

Her mother was shot by the extremists, then she was placed on mother’s corpse and they poured gun powder on her body. The internal reaction of this action has made the life of this little innocent girl who knows nothing about the situation a great torment. She since then have stopped walking again, living in pain with her grandmother who also lost her husband too on the day of the incident.

Eunice continually cries day and night. She is restless and her grandmother was too poor to carry her to the hospital to get the necessary medications. This was not until the VCM Nigeria team visited the District, found out about this girl’s situation and decided to move her to a Christian hospital for her to receive proper medical attention.  Eunice was later brought to our home and given extensive care. 

Eunice has now resumed her kingergaten class and is now playing around with our children.  We were able to distribute relief worth millions of Naira in Southern Kaduna, but we believe that the Lord sent us there specifically for a jewel... (Eunice).

Thank you for giving and praying for the brothers and sisters being persecuted in Nigeria.  What a blessing to have you all with the heart of the Living Christ who gave His life for the whole world including you and me. 

Praise the Lord you care...

Your brothers in Christ,