Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We wish to present to you, our family of martyrs for this month. 

Mary, Martha and Gambo story has been such of such and encouragement to us at Stephens Children Home.  Mary and Martha (twins) came to our home at the age of three, while Gambo joined them at the age of three and now Mary and Martha are now 14 years old, while Gambo is 13 years old.  The Fidelis family lost their father in 2004 religious crisis in Kano. Fidelis family are from Edo state.

The family resides in Kano state before their father was killed in 2004 crisis in Kano.  Their mother still works as house help in Kano.  This gracious mother visits our home every year to see the welfare of her three children.  How wonderful to see this beautiful children growing and stronger in the knowledge of Christ.  Mary is dreaming to become a lawyer while her twins’ sister Martha is studying hard to be a journalist one day.   Our Lord has been very generous to us, protecting and preserving these little ones.  While Satan is busy fighting hard to destroy our home,  But the Lord our God has become our strong tower, refuge and shield even in the time of troubles.  Thank you all for still standing behind the good dream of Stephens Children Home, Please don’t stop praying and supporting our home at this crucial hour.  We pray for you all.



Name: Ojekhile Fidelis Mary     (14)  Class  SS1
            Ojekhile Fidelis Martha  (14)  Class  SS1
            Ojekhile Fidelis Gambo (12)  Class  Pry 4

State of Origin: Edo State

Here is detailed account of their father's death according to their mother. 

Mary and Martha, a twin sister and their brother Gambo were three years old, when they came to Stephens Children Home Abeokuta

Our mother was a few months pregnant for Gambo when their father was killed during a religious crisis that broke out 2004 in Sharada, in Kano state.

One faithful day, we were inside the house, my husband works with a company as a laborer. Suddenly we started hearing gun shots around the community and my husband went out to check and he saw people running helter-skelter. He noticed we are not save where we are. He advised we run to the police Barack.

 On our way to the Barack, some women joined us on the way, while running we met a group of the religious extremists and they said "we want to kill men and not women" and my husband was the only man among us. We were 12 in number. 

There we started running and they chased my husband and caught him, and they beat and cut him with cutlass while he was holding Marry in his arm, so i struggled to get her from him and we ran to a nearby house to hide, he struggled to escape to the house where we were hiding.  and somehow they located him, killed and burned him.   I latter heard about the good work of Stephens Children Home and I decided to send my three children to them.  I am very grateful for the cares being given to my children. 

Theresa F. Ojehkhile