My name is Tenimu Ruth from Nassarawa state, I am 17 years old, am in SSS2 while my little sister is 15 yrs old, she is in SSS1.

On the 14th July, 2004, I came back from school with my younger sister and I met my mother cooking for the family,  I went to sleep, since the food wasn’t  ready. We were all at home when we heard people shouting and a woman came to my mother and told us to run away but my mother refused to believe them, but suddenly people were running helter-skelter and my mum became terrified and seeing that it was so serious, my mom managed to escape with us to the barrack leaving my dad behind. We stayed for about two weeks in the barrack and after the riot, my mum heard that my dad has been killed and burned to ashes.

I came to Stephen Children Home in the year 2004 with my younger sister. We were given shelter and free scholarship. I was admitted into pre Nursery 1 while my junior sister was admitted into the crèche.  I am now in SSS2 while my younger sister is in SSS1. I hope to finish my secondary school education next year 2019 while my sister will finish 2020.

I have always enjoyed my stay here and all thanks to the home for the cares, support and love being given to us.

I will love to be an auditor in future, because I have passion for auditing and my sister will love to become an optician in the future to impact many lives as Stephens Children Home impacted our lives.  Thanks to all those visiting and helping us.