My name is Hosea Daniel Gofuk from plateau state. I am 10 years old in PRY3 now at  Stephen Children Home. Before I came to Stephen Centre my parent and I lived in Maiduguri Borno state before relocating to Jos because of the riot that was so rampant then.

On this certain day my elder sister and I decided to follow our dad to his working place. He was a welder; my father was working while my elder sister and I were playing at the other side before we started hearing the sound of gun shots everywhere. My father called my mother to come and take us, and immediately she came to the workshop and took us.

The Muslims fanatics pursued us while we ran, they short my father  and he fell down and got up again to continue running but they shot him also on the other leg and he was left there because he couldn’t continue to walk. We left our dad there and ran for safety. But he was latter killed.  

I came to Stephen centre in the year 2012. I have spent 6 years here and I have always enjoyed being here. I have been enjoying free education, shelter, clothing, food etc. I will like to become a medical doctor to help people in future.  I am thankful to all those supporting us.