Dear Brothers and Sisters,

First, let me thank you, Christian friends who have committed your time, prayers and giving to our work among the persecuted church, and especially to our family “Stephens Children Home Abeokuta”. For those of you who have been following the strange winds blowing around our home and have been sincere to ask us questions. We are very grateful to you all for your concern and prayers.

One of our good friends from Benue State supporting one of our children once asked me a question, how are you sure that all the children we supports are all Christians? Since this may be the condition to support a child by some of our donors. This seems to be a very hard question; it is hard to inject Christianity into the heart of so many children who came from various family backgrounds into our home. Jesus told Nicodemus, “You must be born again John 3: 1-8”. Nicodemus was a man, a Pharisee and not a child. In exception that we have Emmanuela one of our girls, who boldly told me “I am sure I am born again”. Many children like matured people can be religious and still not be born again. We are living in a world full of hypocrisy and deception.

The church today is also invaded with such crowds too. When Jeff Annette and Daniel Horn of Reformation Baptist Church came to help victims in our Jos office like many other Americans who visited to help the victims, there were few misunderstandings with them and some of our corrupt workers diverted victims project funds and were given query, but rather they all became aggrieved and developed a video that they have been circulating online to tarnish my image and work of our missions and also using the same video to deceive American Christians who gives their money and their resources to support to fight for child right at Stephen Center.

They recruited our own Nicodemus Ado Baggi Bawa who in turn recruited many of our old students who harbor grudges against us, while they were here; many of them could not pass their exams and did not have good record, they departed Stephen Centre with grudges and insinuation that VOM-USA paid us a huge amount of money to send them to University. Dan Horn and Jeff promised them huge reward and trips to America. Dan Horn is being deceived by Zingak Deshi who stole huge funds provided for the victims by VOM USA, now recruiting as many children, instigating them to come back to fight and destroy our institution. They are now accusing me of child molestation, rape and frauds, calling me to step down with immediate effect. They poisoned the children to realize that they are from the North and we here are from the South West. Some few numbers of the orphans whom we trained at the Stephen Centre, some even up to tertiary education, teamed together held secret meetings in Kaduna, Kano and Jos on how to come back to revenge and fight for their right. They were misguided to believe that the VOM missions were behind Dan Horn and Jeff destructive video, even some of their mothers. The truth is that all you see online was heavily paid for by Dan and Jeff, to generate evidence they can use. Time and justice will speak for itself. We encourage intelligent people to watch all their allegations and see the authenticity of their claims.

We want to state clearly that, Dan Horn, Jeff Annette and Reformation Baptist Church were never connected with VOM-USA or any branches of Voice of the Martyrs around the world. They constituted themselves a nuisance in Zingak Deshi’s PERSECUTING THE PERSECUTED video. They manipulated some of our beneficiaries to lie and turn their back against us and all the huge supports given to them in the past. Only God in heaven can intervene in this dark situation. Our mission and Home still hold Voice of the Martyrs around the world with very high regard. They have truly served the persecuted Christians across the North. Various churches and beneficiaries continue to bear witness to the truth. Thank God for the efforts and civility of the authorities in Ogun State for stepping into this matter. The larger number of the children (Our family) and our staffs have suffered and has been fasting and praying effectively to see the end to the darkness and unwarranted cruelty created by these men. Feedings of our children reduced to 1+1 daily, we owed our staff six month salaries and so many other difficulties caused by their greed and revenge. We forgive our children who turned against us to throw stones at the glass house they were groomed, and we pray that God gives them the light of truth, to serve the Lord. We will still hold all of them as family. We appeal to all our supporters and donors to please disregard Dan Horn’s allegation on his video ‘PERSECUTING THE PERSECUTED which contains cooked lies and distortion to take revenge of what they described as cutting their bridge to VOM USA. They embarked on campaign of calumny to close down our home and also to tarnish the good work of VOM. We have all the evidences and documents with us as this matter is hanging with the authorities.

We are grateful to all our supporters who still stood by us through these trying times. We appeal to you all to disregard this group fighting a loose battle. Thank you Brother Ntia for encouraging us, Thank you Sister Nike Olujembola for such word of love. Pastor Tony, How much we appreciate your prayers and concern. Please take your time to watch our videos where the children and mothers reacted to these cooked allegations by Dan Horn. We are thankful to all of you still standing strong to support our family. The truth must surely prevail. Act 5:38

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In closing let me share with you the song of “Dolly Parton Family”

When it's family, you forgive them for they know not what they do
When it's family, you accept them, cause you have no choice but to
When it's family, they're a mirror of the worst and best in you
And they always put you to the test
And you always try to do your best
And just pray for God to do the rest, when it's family

Thank you for praying and serving the Lord through our Home.