From the Director

Sadhu Sundar Singh an Indian Christian missionary who was believed to have died in the foothills of the Himalayas in 1929 once said that “men are beautiful flowers in God’s garden”  Many time, I do recall how much beauty the Lord has bestowed His beauty on us. Each one of us is made in His image and for His purpose.  In the year 2000, I was in Kaduna distributing reliefs  donated by Voice of the Martyrs to the displaced victims who lost everything for the sake of Christ in Kaduna during the Sharia protest that consumed thousands of people including Christians. The crime of these brothers and sisters was nothing, than they choose to stand for their faith in Christ.   There,  I met two newly born baby one Mary and another one Mary.  They were born in the camp just like Christ who was born in a manger

One Mary in my hand and the other Mary with our friend Sunday Omale,  our director at  our office in Kaduna at that time.  I went back searching for the Marys, I luckily found one of them alive, while the second one and the mother went to be with the Lord.  We moved Mary in my hand to Stephens Children Home Abeokuta.  She was seven years old then.   Mary just finished her college education this year at Stephens Children Home.  She is among 19 other children, the largest number of children ever to graduate from Stephens Children Home.  We are very happy to see these children grow and now waiting to see some of them proceed to universities or any tertiary institution that the Lord will provide for them. I am appealing to you brothers and sisters to please support these young one in their search for future.  Matt. 25:35-40.  We are deeply thankful for your kind support and donation to keep our home running.  May the Lord our God bless and keep you.

Please let us know, if the Lord is speaking to you to help Mary or any of our children. 

Kindly send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you will like to adopt one of them, by supporting and paying their education fees. 

You are surely fulfilling the words of our Lord Jesus Christ.   Please see the story of other children on www.



Mary and Mary born in the year 2000 at the refugee camp during Sharia protest in Kaduna.  One Mary in my hand and the other Mary with our friend Sunday Omale our director at Kaduna at that time. 


Mary Bitrus successfully finished her secondary education this year.


I was born on the 11th of April, 2000 in a refugee camp in Kaduna state. I became part of the family of the Stephens Children Home when I was 7 years old.

My mother was heavy and was almost due for labor during the 2000 Kaduna sharia riot that claimed many lives and properties. It was hectic moment for her as she had to save her life and that of her unborn child. My mother ran away from home as the crisis became intense and she landed herself in a refugee camp. In the camp, she gave birth to me while the riot was still on. Fortunately, one other woman also gave birth to a baby girl at the same time with my mother in the refugee camp. Both my mother and the other woman decided to name their babies Mary and Mary. God being so great, the director of Voice of the Christian Martyrs (VOCM), Rev. Isaac Newton Wusu visited the camp to distribute relief materials to the refugees and came in contact with the two new born babies. He organized a group photograph in which he held me on his arms.

7 years later, the director sent for the two babies to be taken to the Stephens Children Home for scholarship. Unfortunately, he was informed that the other Mary and her mother passed away. It was only me that survived and I was then taken to the home in Abeokuta. I came to the Stephens Children Home in 2007, leaving behind my mother, sisters and brother in Kaduna state. I started from Nursery 2. God really blessed my stay in the home as I enjoyed many privileges, including good education, free accommodation, and other necessities of life. To the glory of God, I am now through with my secondary school education, hoping to further in the higher institution.
As God use Rev. Isaac to train me from Nur. 2 to SS 3, it is an evidence that there is still hope for the future for me. I will like to study Sociology in the higher institution if I am opportune.

I am so grateful to God and the director of the VOCM for giving me hope and for supporting me and my family. My younger brother is also being sponsored at the Stephens Children Home. We so much appreciate his effort together with the staff of the home. Uncle Remi helped in bringing out the real me, while Mr. Abayomi Afolabi strengthened my faith in Christ. It is commonly said that everything happen for a reason and I believe that God made this special arrangement for a particular purpose in my life. Thanks to everyone that supported me through the home. I can’t thank you enough.

God bless.