Dear brothers and Sisters,

Three girls Hanatu, Mary and Hanatu  came to Stephens Children Home in 2013, after their miraculous escape from the den of Boko haram in Ghoza,.  Three of them were kidnapped, taken by force from their home. They were traumatized and humiliated against their wish and choice to education.  We heard their stories and decided to bring three of them down to our home and school. One of the Hanatu left because of lack of interest in academic. 

She was able to take training in our sewing institute. They were among more than twelve beneficiaries of funds donated by VOM Australia.  The funds was placed in safe account for them.  Mary and Hanatu was focused and determined with their education and life at Stephens Children Home.  We are happy to celebrate Hanatu and Mary as they leaves our home this year to fashion a new way for their lives.  Please join us in prayers for them as they depart to a new live.  We will like to show our gratitude to New Convenient Church MD for paying for JAMB AND WAEC examination fees for the children this year.  Thank you dear friends for your support to our very dear children.  May the Lord bless and reward you for your kind contribution to live




Mary Ishaku 1I was captured by book haram on 28th September 2013 in Borno state. They entered into our house and took me away together with my sister. They shot my brother and packed most of our properties. They made us follow them till we got to a mountain called Gwoza mountain. They transferred us from one place to another for more than 3weeks and by the grace of God we were rescued.

After my rescue, I was taken to Stephens Children Home in that same year for free shelter and scholarship. I started from JSS2 and by the Grace of God I am through with my secondary education. I would like to go to school of Nursing.
I want to appreciate the Director and the staff of our home for their love, care and support. May God Continue to bless them abundantly






Hannatu Thomas1My name is Hanatu from Gwoza local government area of Borno State. I was captured by the Boko Haram insurgents around 9: 00pm on Saturday, the 28th of September, 2013. The Boko Haram insurgents invaded our village and started burning Christian houses. When they got to our house they asked after our father but he wasn’t around, meanwhile, he had ran away after hearing about the invasion of the boko haram. When they discovered that we are all Christians in the house, they forcefully took me away from our house to a mountain called ‘Gwoza Mountain’. We trekked throughout the night to that mountain and we spent about two weeks on the top of the mountain. After the two weeks, we were taken to another location where we met some women and children.

We spent three days there and three of us were taken into different houses so that we will not plan escape. We were taken from there to another location still on the top of the mountain. The woman I stayed with decided to help me because she saw the way I was always crying. She described a route to me where I can follow to escape and I took to her advice and I managed by the grace of God to escape through the route that she described to me. While I was still there, I never gave up praying and fasting to my God and He really helped me escape from captivity.

After I escaped from the captivity of the Boko Haram, One of our brothers sent us to Stephens Children Home in Abeokuta. I came to the home in 2013 and I started from JSS 2. God being so good, I’m through with my secondary school education this year, 2018 at the Stephen Centre International College and still hoping to further my education in the higher institution. I want to study business administration because I want to be a business woman.

I really want to appreciate God for having a great purpose for my life. I want to also appreciate the Big Uncle (Rev. Isaac) for taking me from my hostile environment and bringing me to the Stephens Children Home to give me hope and fatherly care. My gratitude also to Anty Yetunde and the entire staff of the home for constantly caring for me and my colleagues.

Thanks to all our supporters.

God bless you all