From the Director,

Dear brothers and Sister.

Thank you for standing with Stephens Children Home all this while.  While we can see the hands of the evil one striving hard to put an end to the future of hundreds of our children.  Still the hands of our Lord Jesus is still standing to deliver His saints from the evil works of  the evil one.   We have crawled all this 19 years serving the persecuted Church and our children we loved so much. My appreciation to my dear wife Yetunde and all our friends who continue to pray and support our work for Jesus at this crucial time.  May the Lord reward your work and all you do to help our mission.

This Nineteen years has brought so much Blessings and hard time to us.  Many of our children are out of universities and many of doing their Youth Service across the nation.  We are happy to graduate 19  of our children out this year again. Among the children are Mary Bitrus who was born at the displaced camp, after the 2000 crisis in Kaduna and Mary Ishiaku and Hanatu from Ghoza kidnapped by Boko Haram.  We are happy to have their mothers around celebrating the children with us.  My family also rejoice to see our first son  Gbenupo  passing out of primary school  into JSS1,  How happy we are to see them all growing in the wisdom of Christ.  Thank you all for allowing the gentle voice of the Lord leads you to support our work for the children.  We are deeply grateful to you all and prays for you.

May the Lord bless you and all you do for His Glory.