Dear Sir,

I trust God that you are doing well.

I have adapted well in the orientation camp. It had been quite exciting and educating too though also with stress. It has been more exciting with many of my school mates around. We wake up everyday by 3:30am and take out bath to get set for the day activities. Good enough we usually start the day with praises and prayers to God. Then, we have time for meditation and parades. Other exciting activities comes up in the day.

I am currently assisting at the camp clinic as medical laboratory scientist. I am so happy working in that capacity at camp as it build my experience to work. I also count it an opportunity to help my Corp members too. 


Our very dear friends,

I write this article to convey my genuine and heartfelt gratitude to many individuals, organizations and churches all over the world who have contributed in diverse ways towards transformation of my life today. You all have done a great job!

Stephen Children Home has done greatly by helping us through our primary and secondary school education. This was spur by the passionate heart of the Director to see that children of the persecuted Christians are educated irrespective of the circumstances around them. He has done his best to see that this vision is achieved through the help of many well-wishers. Today, a lot of us are graduates of various universities, colleges of education and polytechnics.

What a great way to transform the life of the despaired! All these wouldn’t have been possible without your help.  Many young boys and girls are still being groomed at the Stephen Children Home in Abeokuta. In fact, about twenty (20) of them just graduated from the secondary school this academic year (2017/2018) and are hoping to have sponsors who can help them to proceed to their various higher institution of learning to continue with their carrier pursue for transformation.

It will be highly appreciated if we can have more people like Bishop David Oyedepo who granted 12 of us from the home the opportunity to study in Landmark University on scholarship. The scholarship which has greatly helped us to concentrate and study without thinking of any school fees payment.

Two of us (Luka Esther and Kumzwam Nankpak) just graduated (on 13/07/2018) from the department of Microbiology of Landmark University due to the magnanimity and benevolence of Dr. David Oyedepo.  We will forever, be indebted to this great man of God for the huge opportunity to study in such a great citadel of learning.

No words could possibly express how happy and proud I am today to be tagged a pathfinder, a trailblazer and a partaker of the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship. It has never crossed my mind that I could pass through such an exceptional institution of learning until I gained the foundation scholarship. Your generosity encourages me not only to continue to be hopeful and strong but to also be a world transformer through meeting the needs in my community.
To God alone be all the glory for the marvelous thing he has done and for what he is yet to do.

Many thanks for your help and prayers

Kumzwam Nankpak Jerry


Nankpak Jerry Kumzwam is a graduate of Microbiology of Landmark University presently doing his National Youth Service back in the Northern Nigeria.
Stephens Children Home staff and children are very grateful to David Oyedepo Foundation for their kind support to our home. Our prayer continues to be with you.