Dear Brothers and Sisters

In Barkin Ladi local Government Plateau state brothers and sisters witnessed a massive scale attack by Fulani herdsmen in which many lives were lost in some villages within the LGA, The result of massacre led to people fleeing their homes and taking up refuge in Internally displaced persons (IDP) camps spread across Jos, south Local Government.

The Gassa IDP camp hosted by COCIN church Gassa is one of such camps but the least cared for among all the camps. About three months into the crisis there has been a decrease in the relief support to the camp and it keep reducing each month.

The other camp is Riyom IDP Camp, people fleeing their homes after the attack by Fulani headsmen attack in different villages across the local Government.

Voice of the Christian Martyrs team recently visited the two camps to distribute reliefs and books to several students displaced.  We are appealing to please kindly help the children and families spread in this camp with food items.  You can give Twenty thousand naira to provide a bag of rice to a family.  You can provide foods to the family of our brothers and sisters by sending emergency fund to Stephen Centre Outreach Account Name  SCI Jos Outreach, Account No. 1012148023  Zenith Bank Plc.  Funds provided into this account will strictly will be used to purchase food items for the displaced brothers and sisters in Jos.  Thank you for your concern and help.  You can read more of interviews and our distributions.

Thank you



Distribution Relief and books in Gassa Camp, Barkin Ladi.

The Camp officials and Head Mistress thank the team VCM team for coming to their aid.

Below is an extract of an interview done with Mr Stephen Haruroa, the Camp Chairman and Mr Livinus Joseph, The camp Secretary 

What will you say about the books that have been given today?

We are indeed very grateful for these books and all your efforts. Most of the parents cannot afford these books themselves because there is no money and there is no work for them. So we are very grateful. The books are very good books as I looked at them.

What is the situation now in the IDP CAMP now?

The situation in IDP CAMP now is very hard because our problem now is food initially we were having challenges on how we will put our children in school after we put them in school and we don’t have books for them and we thank God today you have given those books to them, you can see the time you were sharing the books all the teacher and children were very happy and we really appreciate your effort. Now what we are facing is lack of food. And now that farming time has come.  We lack good drinking water in this area

What is the situation back home? Are planning to stay in camp or go back home?

Seriously we want go back home, only we are disturbed by the security situation because in our place we need more security because everybody want to go back because that is where we have been surviving. We are not happy staying here seriously we want to go back to our villages.

We talked about the medical challenge, so how is the situation now?

Up till now we have not being having any medical assistance, we received medical care once from Rwang Pam they joined hands with operation  Save heaven so, since they came we have not get any medical help in the camp again,  so when people in the camp fall sick we take them to the primary health care and they will prescribe  drugs for them the problem now we don’t have the money to buy drugs for them.  We hope we can get somebody who can provide medication that we can keep in the primary health care.  We still have about 156 household Generally they are about 790 people all together in the camp

We hope to go back home soon.

In your view, what’s the situation in the camp?

Hunger is still a big problem. There is no food that can cover the people here. Sickness also, some still have problem with malaria and other sicknesses too.

You talked about dividing the people into group. How do you go about that?

Yes, we divide the camp into 11 groups. Food is given and shared among and accordingly to the groups. We have leaders that control each group and share the food equally to avoid problems.  Firewood is still a very big problem. There is no firewood and it is expensive to get adequate firewood that can last for some time.   We are grateful for your help