18th March 2019


The Board of Voice of Christian Martyrs, Nigeria is compelled to issue a public statement in view of the allegations of sexual crimes against the President of the mission, Rev. Isaac Oluwole Wusu and the impact of such damaging allegations on the operations of the mission. The Board is aware that this case is currently in the court therefore, there is a limit to the amount of information that it could supply at this point in time.

It is needful however, to assure the supporters, donors and friends of Voice of Christian Martyrs that these same allegations were investigated last year by the Ministry of Justice of Ogun State Government and were declared false. The Ministry of Justice described the allegations as “undertones of power tussle, conspiracy and politics of some kind”. In addition, a court of competent jurisdiction has also investigated the case last year and dismissed it for lack of merit.

The case which had earlier been dismissed was forced to be re-opened when the litigants, with the support of NAWOJ and FIDA, insisted on obtaining FIAT from the Ogun State Government to commence fresh prosecution.

The fact of the matter is that some fraudulent members of staff were dismissed from the mission and these disgruntled persons teamed up with two Americans to destabilize Voice of Christian Martyrs. One of these American citizens came to Nigeria through Voice of the Martyrs, USA, offering free prosthetics (artificial limbs) to Christians affected by attacks in northern Nigeria. Along the line, some fraudulent members of staff persuaded the men that instead of offering free prosthetics, it could be commercialized. Both Rev. Isaac and VOM USA refused to commercialize the work of the mission. When the fraudulent staff members were relieved of their duties, they teamed up with the American, who was joined by another American and launched a campaign of calumny against Voice of Christian Martyrs, Nigeria.and VOM USA

It is interesting to note that the Americans and the Nigerians involved in this campaign of calumny have applied to register a NGO, to replicate the work of VOCM while trying to destroy the mission. The former staff leading this conspiracy has also sued VOM USA for wrongful dismissal claiming N300 million as damages!

The Board of VOCM is sure that justice and truth shall prevail in this case. However, it is very painful and embarrassing that both the mission and the President of the mission have to go through such harrowing experiences. We thank all those who continue to stand with us and we appreciate all those who have prayed and called to offer support and encouragement. One of our proverbs says, “If lie has gone ahead for twenty years, one day, the truth shall catch up with it.”

Thank you and God bless you.


Saleh Husaini
Chairman, Board of VOCM 

Salmon Fakorede
Vice President, VCM Nigeria

For more information, Please follow the links bellow:-

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdoHo-UQjWg     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmNAqH3q8u4