Benneth Pam Daniel

Our family was sleeping. At about 12am in the middle of the night, my sister started hearing the sound of guns. She was telling me that she heard the sound of guns and I now told her that she should leave me alone that it’s our father that is going for patrol outside - because my father was a member of vigilante group - so I assumed he was the one that was shooting, but my sister told me that this shooting is too serious so I told her to wait, let me see.

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Nanpak Kumzumwan

Nanpak Kumzwam was seven years old in 2002 when his parents were murdered by some religious fundamentalists. He comes from Langtang local government area of Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria. Nanpak was meant to wake up peacefully in morning as usual, along with his parents, sister and brother, but what he saw that morning was very unusual.

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Mary Shaya Rondong

He ran into them with the motorcycle he boarded. They cut him with machete until he died.  I and my siblings were staying with our uncle because our mother was suffering from breast cancer. She was not able to cater for us.

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Sarah Dauda Davou

We were a family of four before our father's death.  February 9, 2010, in the night, we were at home and we suddenly heard gun shots here and there.

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