Demonstrators came in large numbers holding guns and other weapons of destruction. They maimed, killed and destroyed properties and Churches.

After destroying his neighbour’s house, they headed towards his own residence. His father ran out and young Nanpak ran with his mother, sister and brother in another direction.

"We ran to a neighbour's house, but all the occupants chased us away" he said. "The demonstrators fired at us. One of the bullets caught my mother by her cheek but she managed to run in spite of the pains." His mother decided to run with her children into the bush. It is believed that the demonstrators welcomed the introduction of Sharia in their state but wrongly took to the streets to kill Christians. "We met a man in the bush with a gun fully loaded. There was nothing we could do any longer. My mother said to the man; "If you are pursuing us to kill, we can no longer run away. We shall all lie down for you to kill us." The man commanded us to lie down and we did. He shot all of us one after the other and he killed my mother, brother and sister.

"He shot me at the back but I did not die. I laid there in pains till the man left the l spot," he said.

When Nanpak woke up, he ran to someone's house to find safety but he was chased out. He then returned tothe bush to sleep over the night. The following morning, he decided to go back to his father's residence to see if he can find his father. On arrival, his father had returned to search for his family but unfortunately, the rioters trailed him to his residence and killed him there while Nanpak managed to escape again, though Nanpak was pursued like a live hare into the bush by those terrible monsters of human grey-hounds; hunting the young, innocent and helpless infant to cut short his life.

The Lord was by his side to cancel the ill-effect of the assassins' bullet. God nullified it into a dud particle that merely pierced through his tender skin. Though those 'foxes' released similar bullets that wasted the lives of his mother, brother and sister before his very eyes, God refused to allow those 'beasts' to sweep off the memory of the entire family into oblivion but spared Nanpaks life.

He was denied accommodation by others with similar sinister motives in the killing episode by people who could also have killed him but God in His multitude of mercies stretched forth His righteous hands and saved Nanpak.

He returned to his father's residence just as his father also returned to search for his family but was destroyed by the hunters of man and again God saved Nanpak. God saved this boy for a purpose we are yet to witness in future! There must be something special about Nanpak hidden in the heart of God!

In spite of constant tears which come at intervals as Nanpak takes mental tour of the incident that brought death to swallow up his parents, brother and sister, leaving him to face the cruel world on his own, he can only console himself by the word of God.

"When my father and my mother forsake me then the Lord will take me up"
Psalm 27:10.

His father and mother have been cut down at the prime of their lives by men of no virtue; men who equate human with domestic animals which are fed and kept to sport with or for a passing phase when a butcher's knife would pass through their throats! Men who turn the patience, righteousness and the grace of God into a waste bin of reiigious misconception and various misinterpretations!

Today, the Lord has taken up Nanpak. He is at theStephen, Centre International, Abeokuta, for free education.

Who else is qualified to be his father and mother, sister and brother and share in the scheme of God's miracles upon him?

It is you who reads this report or those of you who have heard about him and others of like pains. Go and visit them or send your donations to make life meaningful for these orphans.

Do not ask unwise questions as Cain: "Am l my brother's keeper"?  - Genesis 4: 9, because you are. No matter you colour, tribe or nationality.