2016/2017 Graduants

Dear friends,

Thank you for constantly standing with our children at Stephens Children Home Abeokuta. It's time again to celebrate our outgoing children of the widows and we are happy to invite you to come join the mothers and all our friends across the nation in this years celebration.

The event would be holding on as follows:

Date: 26th July 2017.
Time: 11:00 am prompt.
Venue: School premises. 

Please take time to read the testimonies of our graduants below and rejoice with us about the great achievements we have attained

Umeh Emmanuela Onyinyechukwu


My name is Umeh Emmanuela Onyinyechukwu.  I came to Stephen center in year 2012, following the riot that occurred in Yobe state. It was a threat from the boko haram asking all the Christians to vacate their various residence and search for another place to stay.

  My father did not actually die in a riot or any form of crises that occurred ever, but his shop was burnt down and his money and other valuable things were all burnt. During that 2012 riot our house and our belongings were burnt in a fire by boko haram.

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Madugu Nehemiah


My name is Madugu Nehemiah, I came from Kaduna state. I was seven years when I came to Stephen centre. According to my mother testimony, it was one faithful day early in the morning after our devotion we all heard sound of gunshot close to our house, we were all wondering  what was happening, but my father said let him go out and check what was going on. Immediately he go out the Muslim who are trying to enforce sharia law, rush him and then he was out of control and then they marchet him to death since he decline their offer to convert to Muslim.   

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Marcus Moses

My name is Marcus Moses from Kaduna state, I came to Stephen centre in the year 2007, then I was nine (9) years old, I have never seen my father face to face, I can’t even remember if he had held my hand before, according to my mum he was an army, he was always away, so having little time at home. He was burnt alive during the crisis in Kaduna state in the year 2000, without my mother’s knowledge still thinking he was alive coming back home as usual not on till when the story was narrated to my mother by his friends and they took her to the place where he was set ablaze.

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Sandra Emmanuel Biyan


My name is Sandra Emmanuel Biyan, I am from Kaduna state. Born in Kano state in the year 1999, august 20. I became a member of the family of Stephen’s children home with my kid sister Shekinah Emmanuel in 2007. Who by the grace of God is now in SSS 1. I was relocated from Kano state to Abeokuta, Ogun state, in south west of Nigeria due to the religious crisis in Kano state which claimed the life of lovely father.

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David Jesse Usman

My name is David Jesse Usman. I was born in Maiduguri, borno and became a member of the family of Stephen children home in year 2011. I was brought from borno state down to Abeokuta, Ogun state, due to boko-haram attacks on Christian which claimed the precious life of my father.

Borno state, that was known as “home of peace” was thrown into violence and destruction by the Islamic fundamentalist in year 2009; Since then, the state has not known peace again. The peace and quietness that the state was known for has been shattered by the boko-haram. The instigated every crisis in the state.

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Lawal Shittu Auta

My name is Lawal Shittu Auta, I hail from Kano State and I was born on the 25th of May 1998. In the year 2000 during a period of obscuring religious insecurity conflict, my dad who was a Reverend in Evangelical Church Wining All (ECWA), was killed by some Muslims extremists because he refused to deny his Christian faith. Life became hard for my mother who had a lot of problems to face. Coincidentally and by God’s grace I came to Stephens Centre International.

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Justin Samuel


My name is Justin Samuel I am from Kaduna state and I joined the primary three (3) classes in the year 2008. My father was killed in the year 2000 during the sharia riot that happened in Kaduna state. He was a trader; he was killed because he refused to renounce his Christian faith.

After his death we faced a lot of hardship in the family since he was the breadwinner. My mother tried her best but it wasn’t easy for her to take care of the family alone. In the year 2008, a friend of my mother whose husband whose husband was also killed during the riot that happened in the year 2000, she informed my mother about the Stephen Children Home.

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Michael Noroh Salome

My name is Michael Noroh Salome. I came to Stephen center international in 2009 as a result of religious violence that took place in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria in 2001. My father was killed during that period by religious extremists because he was a Christian; during the riot, my father was coming back from his own shop when the religious extremist caught him, killed him and burnt him to ashes.

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Justin Miracle Ogochukwu

My name is Justin Miracle Ogochukwu. I and my two sister and brothercame to Stephen center in the year 2008 due to the religious crises that took place in Kaduna state on the 22nd of February. My father was killed by the religious extremist because he refused to deny his faith in Christ. Early that morning my father left the house for early Morning Prayer which was being held in our church. He asked my mother to stay home and watch over us the children. After that, our house was attacked by the rioters, but, with God’s interventions everybody was safe.

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Zingtim Pontip Paul


My father was kill by the Islamic fundamentalist during the riot in plateau state in the year 2000 my father was coming back from his place of work when he notice that, there was crisis in the community he came home and told us to leave the house when every member of the family split into different direction. My father took me on his shoulder and he ran to the bush when he saw the religious fundamentalist approaching, he gently drop me from his shoulder and cover me with dry grasses and run toward another direction where much trees, that had been the last time I saw my father. He was killed mainly because he was a Christian serving God with the whole of his heart.

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Mercy David

My name is Mercy David from plateau state. During the religious intolerance by the Muslims against the Christians in 2001 in the north, my father was killed in the process of trying to defend his fellow Christian.

I was later introduced to SCI [Stephen centre international], an arm of the voice of the Christian martyrs, in the south side of the country to come and study for free. I started here from jss2. I thank God that now I will soon be graduating from Stephen centre International.

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John Elizabeth Ashia

My name is John Elizabeth Ashia. I was born in Kaduna state, I became a member of the Stephen children home in the year 2004. I was relocated from Kaduna state to Abeokuta, Ogun state in the south west region of Nigeria due to the Islamic attacks on Christians in the middle belt which claimed the life of my father.

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Osu Josephine


My name is Osu Josephine, I became a daughter Stephen center international in the year 2004.This was as a result of the religious intolerance violence by the Muslim against the Christians in 2002.Firstly, I want thank God for the journey of my life so far. I lost my father at a very tender age, my family became devastated because things became tough for us. My father died due to the religious riot that occurred in Kaduna state on the 22nd of February 2000.He was killed by the religious extremist because he refused to deny his faith in Christ Jesus, after killing him they burnt his body to ashes and we could not bury him.

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Mathew Dafom

My name is Mathew Dafom am from plateau state, I came to Stephens children home in the year 2004 due to religious crisis that happen in jos which claim the life of my father, and his was the first Christian that was killed in my area, his death brought a lot of hardship to our family, my mother tried her best but it wasn’t easy for her to take care of the whole family.

One Sunday morning my uncle came to

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Andrew Jesse

My name is Andrew Jesse am from Kaduna state, I came to Stephens Centre in the year 2007 due to sharia riot in Kaduna state.

My father was killed in 2000 during the sharia riot in Kaduna state, he was coming from his work along with his friends when the saw the rioters, they tried to escape from the rioters but unfortunately were caught  and ask them  to convert to Islam he refuse, then they use a cutlass to cut him on his legs and they poured petrol on his chest and set him on fire and they left him on the floor, he was rolling and screaming for help, suddenly the police came they help my father and took him to the hospital.

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