He was in the hospital for two days on the third day he gave up the ghost.

After the death of my father all hope was lost, life became so miserable, that my mother had to go to farm so that she will fend for the family, suddenly God send a helper to us which is the voice of the Christian martyrs

  I was so happy when I heard about the voice of the Christian martyrs God used this mission to rescue my family through the free food item, free accommodation, and the free education and everything they have been giving us.

I and my sister joined this institution, I started from primary two and now to the glory of the lord almighty am graduating from secondary school.

I score 207 in my jamb and will like to study accounting in my higher institution by God grace. I will be glad to have a sponsor.

 My deepest appreciation goes to the almighty God for showing me so much mercy in my life. I want to also use this medium to thank the voice of the Christian martyrs for laying a good foundation for my life, my appreciation also goes to the person of Mr. Rev Isaac Wusu for everything he has done to us and also have taught us. And also all the donor that support. I just want to use this opportunity to say thank you for everything.