Kaduna state known as”centre of learning” was thrown into violence and destruction by the fundamentalist in 2000, since then, the peace of everyone was destroyed.

My father was attacked and on his way to work. He left my mum and her seven children. Then, I was so little I did not know what was going on. They killed him and never saw or heard about his  whereabout.

My father’s untimely death brought about hardship in our family since he was the bread winner of the family. My mother tried her best to take care of the family alone.

One evening, my mum told me about the Christian organization called the called Stephen Centre that help and support the persecuted Christians in the northern part of the country. She informed me that they were ones sponsoring my elder brother [Dennis] ever since he has been going to school.

Later on, my mum informed me that I would be leaving for school to join my brother in Abeokuta, Ogun state. I was so happy that I could not wait for that day to come. I was admitted into Stephen children home in primary one and to God be the glory, I am now graduating from secondary school and I would like to study mass communication in the higher institution.

I sincerely want to thank God most especially for using this organization to help me and family, and will not forget to appreciate Mr. Isaac  Newton Wusu for his kind support  to us and to all members of Stephens Children Home, other loving Christian brethren. Thanks to you all and God bless and I pray may God support you all in His own way I love you all.