I came to Stephens Centre International in 2006 because of the religious tension in the Northern part of Nigeria and started from pre-nursery two and I was taken care of without giving them a dime. I was given free education, free accommodation and everything am entitled to here was free. I was astonished because I know what it takes to take care of children you don’t even know.

It made me feel like life was stuck and time as slow as eternity thinking I will not finish my school forever, but just like a dream I have finished my Secondary school education and am heading to the peak of the best I can be. I have always dream of becoming a lawyer to help the poor people that are infringed anywhere in the society and stand for justice no matter the corruption, to the extent I used the English interpretation of my name “Seth lawal” and my ambition “law” was correlated to “Seth for law” because I have so much passion in law.

My stay in Stephens Children Home made me to gain a lot of social and moral experiences as well as how to relate with people of different background and culture. Initially, I found it difficult to relate with people of different cultures and tribes but as times goes on I learn how to relate better with them.

I am also very glad to have gained religious and moral teachings from both my friends and my teachers, I used to be a kind of person who takes religious activities lightly but due to my recent collaboration with my friends, I learn a lot of spiritual lessons and experiences. Any of my write-ups involving my life experiences will be incomplete and highly lacking if the director in person of Rev. Isaac O.N Wusu is not included. God used him tremendously to help me achieve the core of my life’s dreams and aspirations.

In conclusion, I would like to re- appreciate the director of Stephen Centre International who established this organization; also appreciating the Voice of Christians Martyrs (VOM) whom the almighty God has used to reach out to people through Stephen Centre International. I also appreciate the various supporters and sponsors for their love and care. I pray that almighty God will continue to bless them to bless us; I also wish to be sponsored to further my education in higher institution to study law. I am happy to announce to you that I scored 213 in my (JAMB) and I am very sure that my WAEC will be incredible. Also I would love to honour and appreciate the most high God for His love in every aspect of my life.