This was the fact that makes me find myself in Stephen centre, a very caring, passionate, upbringing, and loving home. They gave me everything, nothing I could find and I do not get, only if I don’t want to. In this great home they teach us how to sew and how to bake, and they teach me how to read and write which is the greatest thing I have ever learned. They also thought us on how to forget about the past thing that happen to us, back then I was having the intention of avenging my father’s death since I have already known the people that brought tragedy to my life but “S.C.H” has thought me on how to forgive and forget.      

My deepest appreciation goes to the Almighty God for his mercy upon my life. I also want to say a big thanks to the director, the management of Stephens Children Home for bringing joy to my life once again and now am living without any regrets. I also want to thank the director for the free feeding accommodation and so on, also I extend a prayer of blessing to the director and his family, and as much as he had done to my life in double shall the lord repay him. I aspire to become an Accountant, obtaining my degrees and my masters with this understanding I study hard and at last I was able to score over 212 in my Jamb exam, hoping to obtain success in my WAEC. And I will appreciate it if I can still be given sponsorship to my tertiary institution by any well wishers.

Thank you and God bless you