My father was attacked and killed on his way to hospital. That faithful day, the secretary of our church was shot by the rioters so he came to our house for help because my dad was the pastor in-charge so he decided to take him to the hospital, and unfortunately on their way to the hospital they are being attacked and killed.

One morning in year 2011, my mom was informed about a Christian organization called Stephen Centre International that helps and supports the persecuted Christian. She was informed that the organization provides free education for the children of those killed for their faith in Christ.

Two of us were given admission at Stephen children home for free education, accommodation and clothing. I started schooling at Stephen children home from Jss one (1) and now by the grace of God I have finished my senior secondary school, and am thinking of studying business administration in tertiary institution.

I enjoyed the time I had at Stephen children and I had made with a lot of friends. Studying with friends who has similar experience as I had and that encourage me to be able to overcome the sorrow of losing my dad at the hands of Islamic fanatics.

Am very grateful to God Almighty for granting so much favour and grace in life. I will also like to express my profound gratitude to the national Director of the mission that have been supporting the children of the martyrs, may God bless you and replenish you abundantly in Jesus name.   

I will like to study business administration in the tertiary institution because I really have interest in businesses, and wants to establish my own industries so as to earn a living. I will be very grateful if i could get sponsorship to make my dreams come through.