After that I saw a woman holding my hand trying to escape with me and to the glory of God we escape successfully. I was taking to my uncle because, since the death of my father things had became difficult for my mother she had to send us our to relative to help us continue our study, when she had of an organization called Stephens Children Home helping the affected ones during the religious extremist and I was happy and at the same time also sad because I am going to miss my family. But I had no choice of my own than to agree with my mother that I should go there and continue my study. I started my study from pre-Nursery 1 and I am rounding up my secondary school (SSS3) in the year 2017 which is completely 14 years providing me with everything that I need free such as: feeding, accommodation, clothing etc.

Stephen centre has impacted so much in every aspect of my life before I was thinking of taking vengeance on those who had made me pass through different pains in my life time, which is joining the military force. But they have taught me an act of forgiveness. I want to study political science in tertiary institution, because I really want change the political system of the country and to also eradicate corruption in the country. I scored 189 in my jamb, I will be grateful if there is any well wisher that can help my dream come through by helping me to further my education to the higher institution.

I remain grateful to God almighty for granting me so much favor and grace in my life I will like to express my gratitude to those supporting this mission the staff and every individuals and organization that have been supporting the Stephen Children Home . I am grateful for your love and care. God bless you all.