Kano state, which is known by all to be a home for Muslim was thrown into violence and destruction by the Islamic fundamentalist in 2004, may 11. My father was attacked and killed at home, after he came back from work. My father was told at place of work by his Muslim friends that there will be a peaceful jihad, so he came back to make sure that I was not taken to school that day and to also check on my mother who was ill that same day. When my dad came back, he asked my mum where was I and she told him I was in school, he left home and came to school to pick me, I was so little then because I was just five years old, I have no idea of what was going on, I thought my daddy came to pick me for an outing. He brought me home and told my mum to take us to the next Muslim house that he is going to come and pick us which he did not till now.

The woman welcomed us warmly and gave us an apartment to stay for a while and she also gave my mum a Hijab. Shortly later, we heard of our father shouting and crying for help, telling my mother to take good care of us and later we could not hear his voice. Unfortunately, till now, no one have been arrested for his murder, because the bible makes us to understand that we have to forgive and forget any pain and sorrow caused to us by anyone.

My father untimely death brought hardship to our family since he was the bread winner of the family. My mother tried her best but it was not easy for her to take care of the family alone. My mother’s uncle came to our house and told my mum about a Christian organization in Kano state called Stephen Children Home that helps and support persecuted Christians. He informed my mother that the organization provides free education for the children whose parents are killed during the riots. My mother agreed with what our uncle told us that we are going to United State of America [USA] not knowing that we were coming to Abeokuta, Ogun state. When I got to Abeokuta, Ogun state I found out that feeding, education, clothing, are all free. I was so determined to do my very best both academically and morally. I completed my primary and junior school at Stephen children home and to the glory of God I am in my final year in senior secondary school and will wish to further my education if I am giving the opportunity to do so and study law. I am praying that God should send a helper who will willingly and be happy enough to help me further my education

I am very grateful to God because I appreciate the investment that has made into my life. If not for the Stephen Children Home I wonder where I would be by now. I also want to appreciate the management of the voice of the Stephen Children Home for the service that they render to God and to humanity through the ministry. Finally I want to thank big uncle and all Christians, outside Nigeria and also in Nigeria who contributed to support the home. Is because of your help that we all have a future today. Thank you very much. God bless you all.