2016/2017 Graduants

Dear friends,

Thank you for constantly standing with our children at Stephens Children Home Abeokuta. It's time again to celebrate our outgoing children of the widows and we are happy to invite you to come join the mothers and all our friends across the nation in this years celebration.

The event would be holding on as follows:

Date: 26th July 2017.
Time: 11:00 am prompt.
Venue: School premises. 

Please take time to read the testimonies of our graduants below and rejoice with us about the great achievements we have attained

Jennifer Peter Tuncuin

My name is Jennifer Peter Tuncuin from Kaduna state. I was born in 1999, I joined my elder sister at Stephen Centre in the year 2004. Where I started from primary one and now am in SSS3.

I came to Stephen Centre as a result of the religious crisis that took place in Kaduna state “sharia crisis” in 2000. My father was a civil servant he got wounded during the crisis, he managed to get home and was unable to go to the hospital because our street was surrounded by the rioters so he was unable to make then he died at home.

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Daku Dalyop

My name is DAKU DALYOP. I was born in Plateau State Nigeria in the year 1998, AUGUST 8th.  My father was killed by Islamic fundamentalists during the riot that took place in Plateau state .This riot lasted for about a month before we could get the last report which was very sad to us .My father, mother and my elder brother went to farm because there was no food to feed us and none of us has attained age 14.On getting to the farm, they heard a gunshot, my father told my Mother to take my elder brother away. He will come back and meet her at home where we often hide, my mother try all her best just to make sure we are safe.

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Alpha Andrew Hamman

My name is Alpha Andrew Hamman, from Borno state. Am currently schooling in Abeokuta Ogun state. I was born in 1996. I join Stephen Centre International in the year 2012 with my two junior brothers. I started from jsss 2 and now am rounding up my sss3. I came to Stephen centre as a result of religious crisis in Borno state. My father was an Assistance sectary in COCIN church Rail way. My father was been shot by the religious extremist, on his way to the hospital. He was later killed with REV DAVID USMAN.

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Pam Iliya

 My name is Pam Iliya from plateau state. I live in Jos south LGA in plateau state. I was born on the 15th October 1998.

 I lost my dad during the religious crisis that occurred in the northern part of the country. On that day, my dad went out very early in the mornin, he told us that he was going to visit a nearby friend. While he was with his friend, the rioters attacked. My dad rushed back home instantly and informed us of what is going on. He took us to safe a place then he went out to help other Christian brethren. My dad was killed while he was trying to rescue some group of Christian family.

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Bitrus Yusuf

I am Bitrus Yusuf by name, I hail from Maiduguri, Borno State. I was born in the year 27th April, 1997 to a Christian family of five children. My father was an active Christian and also he works with a company as a driver. In the year 2012 when riot occurred in the city of Maiduguri, Borno State. My father was returning from his work, then he was attacked by gangs of insurgents and he was asked to deny Christ and he refused and he was shot to death

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Joshua Dasong

My name is Joshua Dasong from Barkin-ladi local government in plateau state, I lost my dad in the year 2001. Two months after my younger sister was born during the riot that occur in my area, it was an unfortunate event for my family because my dad list his life during the riot. Though the riot was not that serious in my village but my dad who had family members and friends in the neighboring village went with some men to give a helping hand to the village which was almost wiped out by the rioters. He was killed while trying to help.

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Elisha Sylvester

I am Elisha Sylvester, from Kaduna state, born on the first of December 1999 into the family consisting of the children which I happen to be the fourth child in this blessed family. My Dad was extinct from the earth realm, due to the ferocious conflict caused during the implementation of the sharia law in Kaduna state. It was a painful event in the history of my life to lose the breadwinner of the family. My late father was an auditor.

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Ayuba Pam Felix

My name is Ayuba Pam Felix; I was born in plateau and became a member the family of Stephen Children Home in 2004. I was relocated from Plateau state in the Middle Belt to Abeokuta, Ogun state, in the South West region of Nigeria due to the Islamic attack on Christian in the Middle Belt which claimed the life of my father.

Plateau state, which is known as Home of peace and tourism was thrown into violence and destruction by the religious Fundamentalists in 2001, since then, the state has no known peace. The peace and quietness that the state was known for has been shattered by the religious fundamentalist.

My father and mother was attacked and killed in our house. They did not do anything wrong they were killed simply because he was a Christian unfortunately till today no one has been arrested for the murder.

My parent’s untimely death brought hardship to our family since they were the breadwinner. My brother tried his best but it was not easy for him to take care of the family alone

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Chinaza Okeke

My name is Okeke Chinaza, last child in my family of six children.  My father was a trader and likewise is my mother.   After the death of my father at Maiduguri in Borno state during religious riot, I came to Stephens Children Home

I came with two of my older siblings who have already graduated from secondary school and now in tertiary institution. We arrived the school in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state, on September 2006 and I was admitted into primary one.   I was almost handicapped academically due to the difference in education standard of where I came from.

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Deme David Dung

My name is Deme David Dung from Barkin Ladi local government area in Plateau state, Nigeria. I came to Stephen children home in Abeokuta in the year 2011 as a result of a religious crises in the northern part of Nigeria that claim the life of my father, the death of my father brought many challenges and difficulties but thank God. I was able to overcome them with the help of voice of the Christian martyrs.

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Ayuba Ishaya

My name is Ayuba Ishaya, I came from plateau state. I lost my dad in the year 2003, my dad was bringing me back from school and he started complaining of hunger and he decided to buy something and take home so that they can prepare for him when he get back home and after the food was done he now tell my mum that he is no more hungry, so he tell my mum that he want to go and buy fertilizer for our farm so he called me to go together with him and on our way he started complaining of hunger again and he saw a restaurant nearby and so he decided to enter the restaurant and order for food and after they serve the food for him he ate one food out of it and he then fell down there and die instantly.    

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Samuel Godwin

My father was killed during the sharia riot in Kano state in the year 2000. When the riot was still on, my father was among the people trying to defend our community. Who was unfortunately shot on his chest. He died immediately leaving my mother who was carrying a pregnancy of me and my elder sister behind. I grew up not experiencing the love of a father.

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Daniel Bulus Manzo

I and my elder brother joined the Stephen children home in the year 2008  then I was in primary 2 and my elder brother in primary 4 so my brother “Steven” finished last year 2016 to be specific.

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Alfred Ameh

 My name is Alfred Ameh an infallible person who hails from Benue state, but presides presently at Kaduna state. I lost my dad in the year 2000 as a result of prevailing religious conflicts and its corresponding crisis that instigated then at Kaduna state. My dad who wistfully and unquestionably devoted his life his life to Christianity, worked at the United Textile Company (U.T.C) in