Our family was sleeping. At about 12am in the middle of the night, my sister started hearing the sound of guns. She was telling me that she heard the sound of guns and I now told her that she should leave me alone that it’s our father that is going for patrol outside - because my father was a member of vigilante group - so I assumed he was the one that was shooting, but my sister told me that this shooting is too serious so I told her to wait, let me see.

When I stood up to open the door, I started hearing a strange language that I don't understand inside our compound so I didn't open the door. They were already killing people around and we were not aware. One of them now entered our compoud and slaughtered my stepmother gruesomely even though she was carrying a baby at her back. She now fell down almost dead but she wasn't dead yet but the baby was killed.

They came towards our own room and were pushing the door to get inside. I and my 3 sisters were inside so we stood against the door and were pushing back but we finally got tired and were overpowered. When the door opened I was positioned behind the door so they didn't see me. They slaughtered all my sisters. I initially thought they were beating them with sticks but after blood flowed to my hiding place and touched me, I knew for sure that it was actually machetes that they were using.

They proceeded to my father's room. My father was trying to escape from the window but they were already there. When he put his leg out to try to jump they started cutting him from the legs then moved to my mother - she was pregnant at the time- and cut open her stomach and killed the baby inside.

When it was morning, I hadn't known if my parent were still alive or dead. I assumed that they had probably escaped. My grandmother came around and asked after my parents from me and I replied her that I don't know. On checking around we found my father dead outside the window of the room and my mother dead inside the room.

They set all our houses ablaze.

My Uncle was also attacked. As they were breaking the door into his compound, he sent his wife and kids to escape. He was killed then they started running after his wife and children. Thank God they were able to find refuge in a house of a member of our Church.

A lot of people were killed that night. A tactic the attackers used was to lure people out using our native language then slaughters them, when they come out. They also burn people alive inside their houses if they refuse to come out.

 The police men came around later but the attackers had already escaped.

It was on Sunday morning when the ordeal was over. People were just crying everywhere. Others trying to pick up pieces of their lives back.

I was brought down to Stephens Children Home and my major challenge then was that I could not understand or speak English but all is good now. As you can see, you can't tell that there was a time when I couldn't speak English at all. I am very grateful for the time spent here so far. It has been great. I never had a reason to lack food to eat, shelter over my head, a place to sleep, clothes to wear or a good education.

I love acting and I hope to develop my skill and talent in acting. I also love singing and I would like to sing a song.