fatima-usman2I present Miss Fatima Usman as a unique child.  Bro. Isaac picked her up when she was crawling on her bare bottom on the floor.  The Nigeria Special Children are all unique children, but some are more special than others are. 'Big Uncle' bought her sticks upon which she leaned to walk.  We thank God that the initial difficulties had become outdated.

When Jesus Christ met with a man who was born blind from his birth, His disciples wanted to know whether his blindness was as a result of his sin, or that of his parents.  "Neither had this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him" John 9:2.  Jesus Christ gave this reply to His disciples.  Jesus caused the glory of God to manifest in the man's life.  That same glory has manifested in the life of Fatima.  Listen to her as she tells you her story.

"I came to the Stephen Centre International in the year 2001.  I was a Muslim girl when the 'Big Uncle' met me.  My father is still a Muslim.  I would like to bring him to Christ.  'Big Uncle' was worried about my condition.  He promised my mother that he was going to take care of my education from Primary to the Secondary level.  Now, I am happy to be here studying free."
Miss Fatima Usman is presented "There is one peculiar thing about me.  I was born with my left leg bad from the womb.  When I grew up, I could not walk.  My mother told me that people say it was because she took too much injection when I was in her womb."

"'Big Uncle' bought two sticks for me to use to walk.  After I had used the sticks for along time, people advised me to throw the sticks away and try to walk on my two legs. I agreed and I threw away the first stick.  Eventually, I threw away the second stick and began to walk on my two legs" Fatima says.

No one would deny the fact that the glory of God had actually manifested in Fatima.  Jesus Christ did pass the blame neither to the man born blind nor to his parents.  Bro. Isaac did not scowl at Fatima about why she was born with the bad left leg.  He did not blame the parents either, but helped the child, bought walking aid and took her to be educated lest she become as a waste material, a liability to the society!

Future  (I want to be a lawyer)
"When I began to grow up, I had always nursed the hope to be a lawyer.  I pray that the Almighty God should bless VCM and the 'Big Uncle' to be able to help me further, after my Secondary School.
"I never dreamt of being at the Stephen Centre International, but for the 'Big Uncle' and VCM, I do not know what my future would have been.  Maybe I would still be crawling on the floor without hope".

My Advice
"I advise other children to be prayerful in life and face their studies and put God first in everything they do in life", she said. Fatima is now in JSS11.  Her future depends on what help you can render to her and others who need help to meet life challenges.