On Wednesday afternoon 2004, Islamic rioters invaded our home. Then the news has spread of the arrival to kill every Christian and to destroy their homes so many Christian fled for refuge some

Ran to their village but we don’t have the money to run away hoping for Gods protection. The following day, we were at home in the evening then the rioters attack our home with guns, my father create a means for our escape, he hid us in the ceiling and refuse to join us for the rioters know he is in the house my mom told him to hide also but he refused, he covers the ceiling and the rioters entered and shoot him that is how he died.

      Life was unbearable to my mother but thank God for his work through the voice of the martyrs, I was admitted to Stephen centre for free education with my senior sister that graduated in 2013 now I am in sss3 thanks to everyone that has contributed positively to me and my family, may God bless and replenish you abundantly in Jesus name. (AMEN)