Saron Davou Gyang

We thought they were real soldiers because they were wearing the uniform but they were just men disguised as soldiers. They started shooting guns at the villagers.

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Danladi Nanle Daniel

He tried to run for his life but they caught him and cut him in different parts of the body. We came to the house and saw his dead body and we carried it for burial.

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Yohana Zacharia Adamu

We then decided to search for his dead body but were unable to see the dead body. So we went to the station where he worked to notify them so that they could help us search for his dead body but nothing was found.

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Mamza Ijubula Alexander

My name is Mamza Ijubula Alexander. I am in Nur 2. My father was slaughtered at Railway premises because he refused to deny Christ on 28 July, 2009.

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